Works In Progress

Here are the projects that I am currently working on or have completed and are in edits:

Only Pleasure Will Do–Historical Romance set in Georgian England, final book of The House of Pleasure series. This is Amorina Vestry’s and Reginald Matthews’s story.

Status:  In edits, due to release Summer 2020

The Widow’s Christmas Surprise–Historical Romance set in England, Book 5 of The Widows’ Club series. This is Maria Wickley’s (who married Lord Kersey in Book 1) and Hugh Granger’s story.

Status:  In edits, due to release September 2020.

It Happened Under the Mistletoe–Historical Romance set in Bath, England, companion piece to It Happened at Christmas. This is Lady Sylvia Montgomery’s and Roger, Lord Daventry’s story, in which he must overcome the animosity of her brother (who hates Roger’s guts) in order to secure a betrothal to Sylvia.

Status: Completed, in edits. Due to release October 2020.

Falling in Time–Paranormal/Time Travel/Historical Romance previously published as the novella, Crashing through Time. A theatrical researcher hurtles back in time to Victorian England an meets one of the subjects of her master’s thesis. Her dilemma is does she save him from the death she knows is immanent or let him live and change history forever?

Status:  Revising this summer for submission to agent.

Heart of Hope–Historical Romance set in Regency London. Book 6 of the Handful of Hearts series. Lady Letitia Stowe and Mr. Albert Symmons are mad for one another, but their families wish them to marry very different people. The couple hits upon the plan to have Bertie rescue Letitia and thus secure the approval of both families, but as the date for the announcement of Letitia’s betrothal nears, she and Bertie keep getting thwarted in their attempts to stage a rescue. Perhaps Bertie will simply have to rescue her from a very real danger instead.

Status: To be written Summer 2020, published Summer 2020.

As Long As You’re Mine–Historical Romance set in London and Richmond, Virginia during the late Victorian period

When Lady Samantha Easterling’s scheme to marry the man she wants goes terribly awry, she finds herself instead compromised by Rafael Beauregard, an American architect whose quick wit and stubborn nature rival her own.  Forced into marriage with the brash American, she swiftly concocts a new scheme to regain her freedom–convince Rafael that she has been unfaithful so he will divorce her. Rafael, however, is determined to make the marriage work, and sets out to seduce Samantha, using every sensual delight in his repertoire.  As the tide turns and Samantha begins to fall in love with her husband, past sins rear their head, threatening to destroy not only her marriage, but the new family she has come to love.

Status: Completed; currently awaiting revisions



7 Responses to Works In Progress

  1. Candace says:

    I’m reading Pride of the Lyon and went to see if you wrote Geoffrey’s story. Are these the same characters from the Time Enough to Love series? It looks like a completely different storyline but with the same characters.


  2. Sandy says:

    Answer to your first question — I love chocolate in any way shape or form, but if given the choice, I’ll take dark chocolate.


  3. Alisue says:

    Are you (or have you already) going to write about Gareth, Marquess of Kinellan – from Book 3 in The Widows’ Club series? He sounds “yummy”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Jane and Gareth’s story is Widow book #6, working title The Widow Wore Plaid, probably releasing in Spring or Summer 2021. I start writing that one next month.


      • Alisue says:

        Thanks a million for the quick response! I’m really glad that I’ve found your books to add to my library. I currently have over 3,000 books and still want more!


  4. maz565 says:

    I can’t wait to read all the books u have mentioned here and will u be using Jimmy Thomas covers. I am not acting bold but just asking cause his covers sells


  5. Cindy says:

    I can’t wait to be able to read “As long as your mine”. It looks wonderful!!!


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