Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 07/18/21 ~ Almost a Countess ~ A Personable Young Man

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors !

Because it releases in just 10 days, this week I’m switching back to Almost a Countess, book 2 of my Captivating Countesses series.



Exiled to a lonely estate in north Yorkshire, Dora Harper finds life satisfying, if appallingly routine—until an escaped Scottish prisoner begs for her help. Despite her misgivings, Dora takes him in, feeds and clothes him, and is amazed at his transformation into a very handsome, virile gentleman, who claims he is an earl. No matter who he really is, his very presence in her house could ruin her reputation for good. Trouble is, Dora might not mind that at all.

Phineas “Finn” MacDonald, the Earl of Aberfoyle, is on the run from a troop of soldiers bent on charging him with treason. Dora’s miraculous appearance is a godsend for him, in more ways than one. The pretty young English woman is kind, compassionate, and willing to help him in his attempt to seek justice and evade the troop that is quickly closing in on him.

With their close proximity over several days, Finn’s desire to escape wanes, even as thoughts of Dora fill his mind. So when a unique opportunity presents itself, Finn claims to be Dora’s husband to save her reputation and throw the soldiers off his trail. Now all Finn needs to do is persuade Dora to make the ruse a reality—before the soldiers can find him and carry out the grim penalty for his alleged crime.



Dora sighed, her cheek resting on the still soaked shoulder of the man’s jacket. She’d likely behaved very foolishly taking him back to the house. Undoubtedly, the soldiers would appear looking for him either this evening or in the morning at the latest. What she would tell them she had no idea. Would she simply turn the man over to them or continue to give him sanctuary? Perhaps if she knew what crime he’d committed it would help her decide– surely such a personable young man couldn’t have perpetrated a heinous crime.

A shiver of fear raced down her back and she straightened, loosening her grip on the man’s waist–not that she could actually get away from him at this juncture. Still, she could learn something about him. “I’m afraid I neglected to ask your name earlier, sir.” It only seemed polite to ask his name before inquiring what he’d done.

And a little more for good measure…

The stranger’s silence irked her to no end. “Can I have your name please, sir?”

Still no answer and Dora’s patience began to fray. She poked his shoulder. “Didn’t you hear me, sir?”

Suddenly, the man’s head lolled backwards, almost butting her in the head. Dear God, had he fainted? Or was he dead?

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And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here. There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.

Christmas Novellas


Jenna Jaxon

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10 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 07/18/21 ~ Almost a Countess ~ A Personable Young Man

  1. Yikes, is he dead? Hopefully not. What a spot to end with. lol


  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    I guess she should’ve asked him when she found him.
    My apologies for taking so long to make the rounds.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She’s feisty–not to be cowed by a man who has the audacity to ignore her. And then he passes out!

    Loving this story. Looking forward to it!


  4. Elaine Cantrell says:

    Good luck with the release of the book. She’s gotten herself into a predicament, hasn’t she?


  5. Kate Hill says:

    She’s got quite a situation going on. I enjoyed the snippet and also the premise of the story.


  6. Carrie-Anne says:

    That’s a frightening predicament! From bad to worse indeed.


  7. Uh oh, dramatic development! She’ll be severely tested yet again, having to cope with this…enjoying the story, another terrific excerpt.


  8. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Yikes! I don’t think he’s in any condition to harm her, but I wonder if she’ll be able to help him at all, or if she’ll have to bring someone else into this secret. Great snippet!


  9. Karen Hackett says:

    Well, that is one way to answer a lady’s question! LOL! I am curious of the reason why Dora was sent into exiled. Nevertheless, she is now drawn into an intriguing adventure the moment she rescued a gentleman named Phineas “Finn” MacDonald. I am eagerly looking forward to the next snippet!

    Liked by 1 person

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