Five Stages of Editing Grief by Elizabeth MS Flynn

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I’m reblogging a post from Savvy Authors today that is near and dear to my heart, especially now: Editing. This article is called The Five Stages of Editing Grief and boy is it on the money! I hope you enjoy it and learn a little how to cope with this special kind of Author’s Grief.

You know about the five stages of editing grief, don’t you? If you don’t know them by that name, I know you must have experienced them somewhere along the way. After the writing’s done, after your fussing’s done, the editing must begin, whether done by yourself or by another without the emotional connection to the work—and sometimes it can be painful. Go through those five stages—denial; anger; bargaining; depression; and acceptance—and come out on the other side with a polished manuscript.

To read the rest of the article click here.

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