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Accident or Injury? Saving Molly with Liza O’Connor

When we are children, we basically believe what our parents tell us. Thus, Molly believed she would die if she ever went to a doctor or a hospital. Her parents warned her that would happen whenever their beatings caused serious … Continue reading

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No Fear of Flying: Liza O’Connor’s Life’s Lessons and Saving Casey

The Danger of Running on half your magnetos. When I was younger, I used to fly small Cessnas. (like the one on the left). I first chose to do it to challenge myself. I’m pretty well fearless, so the possibility … Continue reading

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What the Butler Saw ~ Interview with Liza O’Connor’s Butler from Saving Casey

Jenna: Today I’m interviewing Liza O’Connor’s character, Cass Davidson from her fabulous novel, Saving Casey. *Old butler enters the room* Jenna: You’re not Cass. Butler: Indeed I am not. Jenna: Where’s Cass? Butler: I cannot say. Jenna: Why? Oh I … Continue reading

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