Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 04/02/2023 ~ Falling in Time~ “What’s Today’a Date?”


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors !

I’m continuing my time travel snippets this week, from a novella I wrote several years ago for an anthology called Crashing Into Love. The premise of the anthology was that a plane crash brought people together and some of them fell in love. Since I wanted to write an historical, and airplanes didn’t exist in the 19th century, I ended up writing a time travel romance, of course. It was called Crashing Through Time and I liked it quite a lot. I’ve never re-published it, but in 2017 I started revising it into a novel, called Falling In Time, but stopped when I needed time to write my Widow’s Club series.

In 2023 I’m pulling it back out, adding about 40k to it and hopefully self-publishing it later this year. But for now, I’ll share some snippets of it with you. I hope you enjoy it!

This week I’m beginning where we left off: Corinne is becoming suspicious about the gentleman who claims to be Ian Hunterly. Enjoy!


More than hearts can be broken when you fall through time.

Corinne McGowan survives a plane crash only to fall down a hole in time. In 1868 Cornwall, she faces the ultimate decision: Let the man she loves die, or save him and change history forever.


“My uncle gave it to me on my—”

“Twenty-first birthday,” she finished for him, her body beginning to tremble. This wasn’t possible. There had to be an explanation–a logical explanation.

“How did you know that?” Ian—no, the actor playing Ian—gave her that wary look again.

She opened her mouth but had to summon spit before she could say, “I…I’ve done some research on your uncle…and you.” Her dry mouth made talking as difficult as walking through quicksand. “It has an inscription, doesn’t it?”

Please say no.

And a little more for good measure…

“Yes, it does.” His fine brown eyes studied her face with an intensity that made her want to squirm. He pressed a button and the watch cover flew up. He held it out for her to see, but she knew the inscription by heart.

“‘To I. H. on the joyous occasion of his majority.’ Except, the word occasion—”

“Occasion,” he interrupted her this time, “is spelled with two ‘esses’ instead of one. How the devil do you know this?” His eyes flashed with anger, and he snapped the watch closed with a menacing click.

“I just… I…” She had no explanation to give him. That watch was real. She’d swear it was the same one she’d seen in the museum. Not only did she recognize the inscription with its misspelling, but also the small z-shaped ding on the inside of the case near the stem. She’d wondered how and when that had happened, fascinated by a piece of the watch’s history she hadn’t uncovered.

Perhaps Ian will tell me himself.

Frantic laughter bubbled up at the thought. She clapped her hand over her mouth and stepped back, wanting to put distance between herself and the man who couldn’t be who he claimed. Making one last ditch effort at sanity, she whispered, “What’s today’s date?”

He lunged forward and grabbed her shoulders, startling her with his rough grip and the heat of his hands. “What the devil difference does that make? Tell me who you are and how you know about that inscription. I’ve shown maybe five people in the last four years, and you were not one of them.”

“Just tell me.” She panted for air, as though she were back in the whirlwind that had sent her to this place and time. “I have to know.”

A thunder of hooves rounded the bend of the woods. His friends had returned for him.


“The twenty-fifth of April.” His mouth curled up in a sneer.

Damn him. “The year! What’s the freaking year?”

He sank his fingers into her arms, frowning at her strangely. “The year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-eight.” He squeezed her shoulders again, and the white light filled her head as she slumped in his arms.


That’s all for this week! Hoped you enjoyed it! Next week, if I can, I’ll start snippets from my upcoming release from Dragonblade Publishing, Until I’m Safe in Your Arms. See you next week!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here. There are some fantastic snippets to be read.


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8 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 04/02/2023 ~ Falling in Time~ “What’s Today’a Date?”

  1. Jeff S. Bray says:

    Love the build up. Great delivery. Great snippet, Jenna.

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  2. daryldevore says:

    Yea – I’d probably pass out too. Lots of wonderful confusion and tension.

    And yes, my daughter’s surgery was planned, which is why I am here and not at home. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Passing out is such a reasonable reaction to it all… What a great scene!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carrie-Anne says:

    I think most people would pass out or feel faint upon realising they’re travelled back in time!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Diane Burton says:

    Well, now she knows. This has to be scary.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That was a fun moment for the reader, if not for her. Well done snippet!

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  7. Darrell Carson says:

    Loved reading this

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Heather Boyd says:

    Yay, she’s all caught up now. Really enjoying this. 😀

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