Where in the World is Jenna Jaxon? Cuddle Bunny in Chicago

This afternoon my daughter and I went to Cuddle Bunny in Chicago, an establishment very like a cat cafe, except you can pet bunnies instead of cats. There’s a TicTok video of it if you do TicTok.

First, I have to say they have the cutest merchandise (of course). And I bought my fair share afterwards, but on to the bunnies!

The bunnies are set up in four pens. You spend 15 minutes per pen petting and brushing and interacting with all the different bunnies.

Tia and Tamera were our first bunnies, both Polish rabbits. Tamera (the gray one) was very energetic and Tia (the black one) was pretty chill. Then, as we were leaving the pen, they both escaped! We managed to herd Tamera back inside pretty quickly, but Tia led us and the bunny wrangler a merry chase for maybe 4-5 minutes. Bunny mayhem!


Next we went to Fiona and Lil Bear. Fiona is a Netherland dwarf, with a very pretty brindled brown coat who loved our treats of cilantro. Lil Bear is a Mini-lop, with very soft fur. No escapes were made.

Then to Rex, who is a Continental Giant (the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen, and he isn’t nearly as big as some of them get) and Lola, a Netherland dwarf-Lionhead mix that I thought looked (at times) like a guinea pig! Very sweet buns!












And last, but certainly not least was Sam, the Rex. The absolutely softest bunny I have ever petted! He felt like a pillow or marshmallow. Such pretty coloring too. And VERY food motivated.











My daughter and I had the best time, we came out very chill as well (after buying mugs and a tee shirt and a present for my bunny Earl Grey) we went for lunch at Wilde’s Bar and Grill, dedicated to Oscar Wilde. It was a fabulous treat. We each ordered a Violet Delight (House infused blueberry vodka, tattersall blueberry, cucumber, mint, fresh lime, and simple syrup) which instantly became my favorite coctail. I had the salmon, my daughter had fish and chips and a good time was had by all!




And tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Stay tuned for more shenanigans from Chicago!

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