Historical Hussies: Bathing in the Middle Ages

I’m on Historical Hussies today, continuing my inquiry into bathing through history. This month I’m talking about Bathing inthe Midle Ages:

The first thing to affirm is that yes, people did bathe during the Medieval period, using several different methods.

A lot depended on your status in life as to how often you took a bath. The lowest classes who did manual labor likely bathed the least. They would probably not have had the means or money to fetch buckets of water, heat the water, and purchase a tub and then bathe in it. Such laborers and the poorer people would have availed themselves of a dip in a pond, lake, or stream during the warmer months. Otherwise, they may have taken wash pan baths, washing as best they could during the colder month

To read on, click this link:  http://historicalhussies.blogspot.com/2022/09/bathing-in-middle-ages-by-jenna-jaxon.html

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