Release Day Celebration: The House of Pleasure Boxset

Today I’m celebrating the release of the boxset of my House of Pleasure series!

All five novel-length romances are included:

Only Scandal Will Do

He has the woman of his dreams, but can he find a way to win her heart?

Kidnapped, displayed on the auction block of a notorious brothel, and sold to the highest bidder, Lady Katherine Fitzwilliam is furious and vows to fight her way out. Unfortunately, the rogue who bought her is way too charming and attractive to make that easy. He seduces Kat almost to the point of ruin, but she manages to escape him, although thoughts of him tend to linger long after she’s free.

Duncan, Marquess of Dalbury succumbs to temptation one night and purchases a fiery beauty whose very looks fill him with hot desire. When she insists she’s a lady, he scoffs, but is surprised when she flees before he can claim his pleasure. When he discovers she’s sister to a peer, Duncan is horrified to have compromised her. He offers marriage to scotch the scandal and gain an heir. However, the dazzling charms of the red-haired beauty, coupled with her astonishing skill with a sword, ensnares his heart and soul. If only Katarina didn’t hate him with a fury hotter than three hells…

Can he manage to turn her anger against him into a passion for him? Or will they be doomed to live together, but forever apart?

Only Marriage Will Do

What do you do when you discover you may be married to a villain?

Lady Juliet Ferrers’s response is to deny, deny, deny the marriage. Then, in desperation, she declares she’s already married to someone else–anything to make the man who abused her leave her alone. But with all her family from home, Juliet fears the villain may spirit her off to his home in France, never to be heard from again.

Until a stranger calls…

When Captain Amiable Dawson tries to pay a call on an old friend, he runs headlong into a dramatic scene complete with damsel in distress threatened by a dastardly villain. What’s a gentleman to do? Pretend to be the damsel’s husband, of course.

But the ruse won’t stop the villain for long. Unless it changes from ruse to reality.

And then Juliet is left to wonder if she’s married to one man or two?

Only A Mistress Will Do

The longest walk Miss Violet Carlton ever took was to the door of The House of Pleasure…seeking work as a courtesan.

Destitute and out of options, Violet steels herself for her ultimate ruin at the hands of some stranger…only to be whisked away as the man’s mistress—in name only. Unsure why, and not asking questions, Violet begins to trust Lord Trevor, her savior.

But when trust leads to affection, and ultimately to love, Violet’s fairy tale comes to a shattering halt.

Because the man she loves belongs to another.

With growing anguish Trevor fears he can never make Violet his own for the impediment of his coming marriage pales in comparison to the secret he must hide from her or risk her loathing him for the rest of their lives.

Only Seduction Will Do

Will a man of honor sacrifice himself for a woman’s folly…even if he doesn’t love her?

That’s the question Miss Alethea Forsythe puts to Jack, Lord Manning when she finds herself with child but without a husband and asks him to marry her.

With great misgivings, Jack agrees. He is a man of honor and Miss Forsythe’s prospects are grim should he refuse her. But Jack barely likes the woman, much less love her. So he agrees to marry her, with the stipulation that the marriage will be one of convenience only—with no intimacies between them.

Alethea should be weak with relief that she will not be ruined in the eyes of Society, except she’s been secretly in love with Lord Manning since they met.

His devastating pronouncement almost breaks her heart, but it also strengthens Alethea’s resolve: she’ll find a way to make her husband fall in love with her, no matter the cost.

Only Pleasure Will Do

Amorina Vestry’s business revolves around giving pleasure to others…so how can her life be so miserable?

Madam of the House of Pleasure for six long years, Amorina has wrested a living out the establishment by devising a variety of inventive ways to pleasure gentlemen. But behind the persona of the ruthless businesswoman, schooled in the erotic arts, lurks a very different woman with a secret she dares tell no one.

Now, in vengeance for thwarting a dastardly plan, Amorina is kidnapped and forced to commit murder to save the one person she loves unconditionally.

Unless the man she secretly yearns for can rescue her before it’s too late.

The House of Pleasure Boxset is available on Amazon and Smashwords for $4.99 through next week. After that the set price increases to $9.99.

To celebrate this release I’ll be giving away a copies of the individual books–five books, five winners. All you need to do is enter a comment below telling me why you read romance! Giveaway runs through Labor Day and winners will be announced next Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

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11 Responses to Release Day Celebration: The House of Pleasure Boxset

  1. Lorraine Ryan says:

    Who doesn’t love a love story? A romance takes me on a journey of courtship, of hopes and disappointments, of budding passions until finally true love is achieved!


  2. Oh, goodness! Why do I read romance? It is really difficult to put into words. It’s simply magic. I remember a woman, so long ago, in college telling me I shouldn’t read romance because it is unrealistic. It would lead me to disappointment because it isn’t like real life at all. I think this is precisely why I read romance. I read it to escape life into magic that is the wonder of books. I read romance for the happy endings. Reading romance gives me joy. It gives me hope. It really is enchanting. It is what could be and should be even if it could not be.


  3. afrazar2010 says:

    I read romance because sometimes I want a different type of love and there are so many types of romance. Don’t get me wrong i love my love story but i love being on love with a misunderstood cop or the boy next door or even my best friend


  4. Virginia says:

    I read romance because i love to read about a good romance, i love the time period, so different from now, it just takes me away to another place where i can escape to another world.


  5. Joyce Fredlund says:

    I enjoy reading historical romance novels of because the rich history incorporated within each story. I’ve never had the chance to travel so I guess in one way I’m living vicariously through the experiences of the Authors as they do their researching and travelling.


  6. Gail says:

    I’m trying to order your release day celebration of House of Pleasure from your blog. My eyes must be acting up this Sunday morning since i can’t seem to find a link. Help!


  7. Sherry Brown says:

    I love romance because they make me happy and makes me want to cuddle with my husband.🥰
    Thank you for your wonderful giveaway!!!!


  8. Jcp says:

    For escape from the cruel real world


  9. Reading Romance makes me feel good!


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