Historical Hussies: Gambling Establishments in the Regency

Yesterday, as my monthly blog post on Historical Hussies, I posted about a topic that’s gained a lot of my interest lately–gambling and gambling establishments during the Regency period. My current WIP, Pride of Lyons, has key scenes set in a gambling hell in London, 1814. So I thought I’d give everyone a little peek at my research on this fascinating topic.

“Gaming Clubs and Gaming Hells in Regency London…”

Readers of Regency romances will swiftly acknowledge the frequency with which these historical novels have scenes set in gaming clubs or gaming hells. The aristocracy, gentry, and common workers alike enjoyed gambling and did it with some frequency during the period. It has been hypothesized by Author Pitt in his master’s thesis on gambling during the Regency period, that gambling, and wagers in particular, were a means of fighting boredom…”

To read more, click here.

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1 Response to Historical Hussies: Gambling Establishments in the Regency

  1. Karen Hackett says:

    Reading a scene inside the gaming hell is intriguing! You never know what will happen. (I’ve read several books, mostly by one author since her one of her main characters was involved in one. Exciting!


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