Release Day Celebration for The Widow Wore Plaid, Part 2: Winners

At last the waiting is over!

The Widow Wore Plaid released today!

UPDATE: This morning’s activities went very well at the Williamsburg Barnes & Noble. We got lots of video for TicTok, however, I’ve never edited a video before, so I’m hoping to get it up on TicTok in the next day or so. Still, it’s been an awesome day! And right now I’ll announce the winners of my Rafflecopter giveaway so you won’t have to wait in suspense (I’ll still video it and put it up on TicTok later).

And the winners are:

Alison Pridie

Souvenir Plot of Land in the Scottish Highlands


Sandra Dufoe

$40.00 Gift Card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Congratulations, ladies! I will be contacting you shortly for information regarding your prizes.


The second Release Day giveaway will be the print copy of The Widow Wore Plaid, the very first one to be signed at Barnes & Noble this morning. To enter this giveaway, simply post a comment below telling me if you like long historical romance series (6 or more books), short series (3-4 books), or stand alone novels.

I’ll draw the winners of my Release Day giveaways tomorrow morning by 10:00 am and post them here on my blog.


The Battle of Waterloo made them widows, but each has found new happiness. And Jane, Lady John Tarkington, intends to keep her freedom, even if love—and one particular gentleman—are determined to claim her heart  . . .

It is a truth rarely acknowledged—at least in public—that a wealthy widow is free to pursue a great many adventures. For two years, Jane has privately enjoyed her independence. Why should she remarry, even when the gentleman proposing is as wonderful as Gareth, Lord Kinellan? She entreats him never to ask her again. But as her Widows’ Club friends—now all joyfully remarried—gather at Castle Kinellan, Jane begins to wonder if stubbornness has led her to make a terrible mistake . . .

Kinellan needs a wife to give him an heir, and he wants that wife to be Jane. They are perfect together in every way, yet she continually refuses him. Just as he is on the point of convincing her, a series of accidents befall Gareth and point to an enemy in their midst. He has promised Jane a passionate future filled with devotion, but can he keep them both alive long enough to secure it?


Charlotte smoothed her summer yellow gown, her hand rounding the curve of her belly that announced she was increasing once more. “Aren’t you happy with Lord Kinellan?”

“Of course I am, Charlotte.” Fingering her sapphire pendant, a surprise gift from Kinellan upon her arrival in Scotland in March, Jane dropped her gaze to her lap.

“But?” Fanny leaned over the sofa to peer at her. “Have you said something you shouldn’t? Or has he?”

“I suppose I did.” Well, now it would come out. She should have expected this inquisition, so why she wasn’t better prepared for it was her own fault. Whoever said confession was good for the soul obviously had never had to make one before their friends. “I’ve refused Kinellan’s proposal.”

“Refused him, Jane?” Charlotte’s changeable hazel eyes widened and darkened to a light brown. “When? And why?”

“Just after I arrived. He gave me this pendant”—she cupped the sapphire, showing it off to them—“and a proposal. I refused both, but he insisted I accept one or the other, so . . .” She closed her hand over the jewel.

“A single refusal is nothing, Jane.” Fanny sniffed. “I refused Matthew four or five times last year, and look at me now.” Beaming with joy and health, Fanny indicated her increasing figure. She’d already given Lathbury a son, Christopher, a little over a year ago and would deliver another child in December. “The next time he asks you—”

“I refused him the next time too, Fanny, and the time after that.” Jane dropped her defiant stare. “And then I told him I didn’t want to hear another proposal and if he got down on his knees one more time—”

“He got down on his knees all three times?” Charlotte’s brows shot up. “Nash proposed several times to me, but on none of those occasions did he go down on his knees.”

“If any gentleman would do the moment up right, it would be Kinellan.” Fanny nodded sagely. “Now I’m surprised at you myself, Jane, refusing a man that dedicated.”

“It’s no more than you did, Fanny.”

“Well, but Matthew didn’t need to get down on his knees. When I accepted him he’d just rescued me from almost being ravished by Theale’s henchmen.” Her friend shuddered at the painful memory.

Sighing, Jane collected her thoughts, hoping against hope to be able to explain her choices to her friends. “I told him if he proposed one more time, I would leave Castle Kinellan and remove to Cranston Park with the children.”

“And?” Both friends leaned forward.

“Well, I am obviously still here, am I not?” Jane asked impatiently. “He hasn’t proposed again.” Tears threatened but she blinked them back. It had been her own decision. “Likely he never will again.”

“Who’s not going to do what, Jane?” Elizabeth, Lady Brack entered the room, looking cool in a pink and white striped silk gown.

“Jane gave Kinellan an ultimatum about not proposing to her, so she’s convinced he won’t offer again.” An excitement in Fanny’s voice made Jane’s stomach clench. Her sister-in-law had a way of distilling any complicated situation down to a succinct single sentence. A quality that had always irked Jane.

“So you refused him—”

“Three times, Elizabeth.” Jane sat back on the sofa, speaking wearily. “Can we please move on to another topic?”

“Three times?” The shock on Elizabeth’s face was surpassed only by that in her voice. “My goodness, Jane. Poor Lord Kinellan.” Elizabeth’s brow furrowed. “Do you have reservations about marrying again? It has been over two years since our husbands were killed at Waterloo. Surely you’ve mourned Major General Tarkington enough?”

“That was not my reservation, Elizabeth.” Jane patted her friend’s hand. Elizabeth had been less inclined to remarry than any of the Widows’ Club members, yet she’d found love again at the same time as Charlotte and Fanny. But love for Tark had not been behind her reluctance to take another man to husband. “And I was very serious when I gave Kinellan my ultimatum. . . .” She squirmed in her chair, becoming more upset with each moment of conversation.

“But now?” Fanny edged forward again, trying to catch every word.

Jane paused before answering, gathering her courage to admit this to her friends. “Now I’m not quite so sure.” She closed her eyes, suddenly wretched and cursing her stubborn nature. She’d truly thought Kinellan would propose again, despite his vow to the contrary. “I don’t think he intends to ask me again. I think . . . I think I made an awful mistake.”

The Widow Wore Plaid is available in E-book format at Amazon, B & NApple, Kobo, and Google Play. It is available in print at B & N, Books-a-Million, Amazon,, Hudson Booksellers, Indiebound, Target, & Walmart.

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    Congratulation winners!


  2. I actually like them all but I really love a long series the best. The only issue with a series is waiting for the next book in the series.

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