Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 11/28/21 ~ The Present: Christmas on the Side ~ What Would You Have Said?”

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This week I’m continuing with another snippet from my newly released novella, The Present, part of the Christmas on the Side series of Christmas novellas. It released on Tuesday, November 23. It’s a bit different for me–as it’s a contemporary, sexy, Christmas story, but I had written a piece of Christmas flash fiction over 10 years ago, and I suddenly wanted to know what happened to those two characters. Next week I will return to The Widow Wore Plaid.



Tessa Avery’s Christmas has gone from bad to worse. Unemployed for six months and reduced to cleaning her heartless sister’s apartment to make ends meet, Tess is at her wits end how to get back on her feet. Then her sister comes up with an offer Tess can’t refuse: tell Janice’s boyfriend Hal she’s breaking it off with him—two days before Christmas—or Janice will withhold Tess’s payment.

Hal Chapman is livid that his supposed girlfriend tells him they’re through—not even in person, but by way of her sister—and is oh so ready to get even. He offers Tessa the present he’d gotten for Janice, a pair of diamond earrings worth enough to make Tessa’s financial problem a lot easier in exchange for a little revenge against his ex-girlfriend.

When their escapade is over, Hal asks Tessa out on a date. Tess is thrilled, but wary—is Hal really interested in her, or just interested in more revenge? As they come to know one another better, Tess begins to hope for a new beginning with Hal. But when a sudden crisis calls for Tess to make a hard choice, will her ultimate decision sink their budding relationship or turn their night together into the best Christmas present ever?

I’m beginning this week where I left off on Release Day. If you want to find that excerpt, check out the Release Day post.

Tess’s evil sister blackmails Tess into delivering the bad news to the sister’s boyfriend that she’s breaking up with him, just before Christmas.

Here’s a snippet just after Tess and Hal have been found sleeping on Janice’s sofa in a state of deshabille. We  are in Tess’s POV.


Tess caught a glimpse of her sister’s face, which approached the purple reserved for eggplants, as the door slammed shut.

Hal pulled her down the short corridor toward the parking lot. Thank God her sister lived on the ground floor. It made for a quicker getaway.

Once they were far enough away she was certain Janice couldn’t hear them and hadn’t decided to follow them and keep berating them, Tess looked up at Hal.

A huge grin spread over his face, and he suddenly picked her up and spun her around, whooping with laughter. When he stopped, they leaned together, laughing until Tess felt boneless with relief. And a lot more tingly than she expected.

“Now services have been completely rendered.” He stepped back from her, though his hand seemed to linger as it slid down her arm.

And a little more for good measure…

“Quite to everyone’s satisfaction.” She paused a momentand grinned. “Except Janice’s of course. Revenge is very sweet.”

Hal pulled his coat on and adjusted the collar against the cold night wind. “I just have one question, Tess, if you don’t mind answering it.”

“What’s that?” Shivering, she dug in her purse for her keys, regretting not going for her coat, despite the personal danger she might have been subjecting herself to. That had been her only outer coat.

“What would you have said if I’d really asked you to sleep with me?”

If you’d like to read more, you can buy The Present or get it on KU on Amazon

All Wrapped Up is a collection of four pieces of flash fiction with Christmas themes. One of them, The Present, is the piece my new novella is taken from. It’s FREE on Amazon, if you’d like to take a look!




On November 17, the Nine Ladies Dancing: Christmas Miracles anthology of Christmas novellas released and is now available for purchase on Amazon or via KU. My Christmas novella, It Happened at Christmas, is part of that nine author anthology, so you should check it out! Here’s the link. It will also be available on Kindle Unlimited at no cost for members.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here. There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.

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5 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 11/28/21 ~ The Present: Christmas on the Side ~ What Would You Have Said?”

  1. Kate Hill says:

    I wonder what her answer will be? Enjoyed the excerpt!


  2. Yes, what would she have said? Excellent question! Enjoyed the snippet…


  3. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Oh, now that is an important question. Great snippet!


  4. nancygideon says:

    What WOULD she have said? Now, I need to know. Time to start thinking about holiday presents for me and nothing is better than a new read!


  5. Carrie-Anne says:

    This sounds like a really fun story! Having lived through so many Upstate New York winters, I feel for Tess’s plight without a proper coat in the cold. I had to wear my rabbit fur hat during the bitterest days.


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