Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 09/05/21 ~ Heart of Hope ~ A New Hope

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors !

I’m back this week with an excerpt from my just finished WIP Heart of Hope, the sixth book in my Handful of Hearts novella series. It’s the story of Lady Letitia Stowe and Mr. Albert (Bertie) Symmons, who meet, although not for the first time, at Lady Hamilton’s ball (where all couples meet in this series).

In this excerpt, Letitia is trying to be a wallflower because she doesn’t want to dance with anyone she doesn’t know. Hope you enjoy.

(PS–This is the unedited version, so any flubs are my own and will be dealt with by my editor I’m sure. But if you wish to point out anything, please do! Also, there’s no cover yet, but I’ve put up a picture of the couple who will be on the cover.)


BLURB:  There’s no blurb yet, but I’m working on it!


Letitia took a deep breath and looked out at the dancers who were about to finish their set. She squared her shoulders and darted her gaze about the room, looking to see if there were any gentlemen who seemed to be approaching her in search of a partner for the next set. So far everyone seemed to be occupied with themselves or with others, not with coming to ask her to dance.


One tall, slender gentleman, in well-cut evening clothes, his hair a little longer than the current fashion, was heading this way, although Letitia couldn’t quite determine if he was coming toward her specifically or simply heading in her general direction. Letitia peered at him, something familiar about the lanky figure and the swaying gait. “Aunt Alexandra, who is that gentleman coming this way? The one in the burgundy waistcoat?”

Her aunt applied her quizzing glass to the gentleman, then sniffed and dropped it. “That is Bertie Symmons, Mr. Albert Symmons rather and a more annoying young man I have never met.”

And a little more for good measure…

“Really?” Letitia looked at the gentleman again, her interest piqued. “I believe I am acquainted with him, aunt. We met at Lady Rosamond Cowper’s garden party a little over a year ago. He was smelling a rose and got stung by a bee.”

Mr. Symmons had taken the sting in stride, although his nose had swollen rather horrendously. They had talked about being stung as children as they applied ice to the welt. He’d certainly had an amiable disposition as he recovered. Letitia had not seen the man since that day, though of course she’d been in the schoolroom and only allowed to attend the party because Lady Rosamond was a cousin somewhere on their father’s side and Marcus hadn’t wanted to attend alone.

Perhaps dancing with Mr. Symmons wouldn’t be bad at all.

a pink roses backdrop at a wedding, floral decorations

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And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here. There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.

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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 09/05/21 ~ Heart of Hope ~ A New Hope

  1. Elaine Cantrell says:

    I hope he’s really coming her way!


  2. Karen Hackett says:

    Wonderful snippet! Can’t wait for more.


  3. A very promising beginning! I’m intrigued – enjoyed the snippet.


  4. Alexis Duran says:

    Now I really do wonder if he’s headed her way. I hope so!


  5. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Congratulations on finishing this WIP! Definitely sounds like she may not have to dance with a stranger, which is a good thing in my opinion.


  6. I suspect Bertie will be a good person for her to dance with. Even if he is clumsy he won’t find a bee at the ball.


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