Under the Stars Farm Lavender Festival

This past Saturday, my daughter and I attended the Under the Stars Farm Lavender Festival in Gloucester. I had no idea there was a lavender farm about half an hour from my home, so I was very excited to get tickets and go. Lavender is my signature color. 🙂

The weather cooperated completely and we had gotten the early ticket, so we were there around 9:30 which was much cooler. By the time we left at noon the sun had gotten too hot and we were very happy for the air conditioned shuttle bus.

The first place we hit was the Farm Shop, which had everything lavender you’ve ever want. We ended up with a 16 oz tumbler (that came with lavender lemonade), lavender sugar, lavender linen spray,  and lavender Earl Grey tea. We could have gotten so much more, but we were on a budget and there were other things to do and see.

Such as the Lavender Sweet Shop. There were several confectionary items: lavender apple bread pudding, a croissant with lavender icing, lavender lemonade pound cake, and a chocolate cake with a dusting of lavender sugar. Nothing was gluten free, so I could easily put temptation behind me. My daughter didn’t get off that easily.

There were other vendors there and we stopped at a site that sold goats milk soap. They had real goats! My daughter fed them and took pictures and we bought some goat’s milk lavender soap as well.

We rested for a while on the farm’s magnificent deck. The views are spectacular! My daughter ate lunch there and then we headed to an event we’d signed up for: Create Your Own Fairy Garden. This was lots of fun. We were given pots, mulch, moss, rocks, a succulent plant, and several other decorative items to create a little dish garden.

After this we went to the lavender fields for a short photo op, then boarded the shuttle to go back to our car.

All in all it was a wonderful day out among the lavender fields. The experience made me thing that because lavender is my signature color I perhaps need to create my own event that incorporates lavender into the theme.

Lots of food for thought after a terrific day out among the lavender.

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2 Responses to Under the Stars Farm Lavender Festival

  1. Karen Hackett says:

    Glad you ladies had a great time.

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