New Summer Beach Read: Treasure by the Sea by Talia Logan

Today, Memorial Day, is the unofficial beginning of summer here in the U.S. Which means many of you will be heading to the beach at some point. And what better thing to do when you’ve got your toes in the sand or are lazing by the pool?


While I myself do not have a beach read for you this summer (I must write one for next year, set in Brighton) one of my best friends, author Talia Logan has just published the first of a trilogy of beach reads, her Life’s a Beach at OBX series, for this summer titled Treasure by the Sea! It’s set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, so if you’ve ever been, you’ll enjoy the story even more. Please check it out!


Single author Alexandra Prentiss buys her dream house, Treasure by the Sea, in the Outer Banks and decides to rent out rooms to help with her mortgage. When one of her guests turns out to be an extremely attractive gentleman, Alexandra thinks maybe her luck has turned, if only she can curb her prickly nature long enough to show him her softer side. 

Drake Nelson, a widowed, retired Navy captain, is dragged down to OBX by his surfer son with the promise of a week relaxing on the beach. He’s immediately attracted to Alexandra, but when she runs hot and cold, confusing the bejesus out of him, he’s ready to throw in the towel on the hopes of any kind of relationship with her. 

But when Alexandra falls prey to a madman in search of real treasure, Drake races to her rescue. Will he be able to save the fearless woman he’s come to love?


Merlin coasted over to give her a hug then said, “Dad. Let’s get our gear inside. I want to catch some waves before we grab some grub.” He knelt down, and Dickens rolled onto his back for a belly rub.

Watching Wiz pet Dickens, she dragged herself from her rapidly out-of-control, indecent fantasies about his dad and led them to the elevator. “I’ll ride up with you and show you around.”

“No biggie, Alexandra. Are we on the second floor? I can show Dad where everything is.”

“Uh, no. I thought you might enjoy the third floor. There’s no one else here this week, and the view is better. And it has a bigger kitchen.” They moved into the small lift. “But you don’t usually do much cooking.”

Merlin laughed. “I don’t, but you never know about Dad. Every time I go to his house he’s watching some food show.”

Apparently his son’s dig aggravated the man. His lips tightened briefly before he responded in a lighter, if somewhat forced, tone. “No one said you had to come over.”

Can this damned thing move any slower? The jibes between father and son seemed good-spirited, but in a snap that could escalate into something much less friendly. A lesson she’d learned years ago. She let her head drop in an attempt to give them some privacy, and her gaze fell to Drake’s hand.

And the gold band.

The expletives that shot through her mind would have shocked even her crime thriller readers. Sucked in by a good-looking, flirtatious man. Again. Damn it.

But Merlin had told her his mother had died last year. Unless the man had remarried—already—or he was one of those stuck-in-the-past guys who would never let go. Either way, it was the perfect setup for another heartbreak. And that she did not need.

Another one bites the dust. The music rumbled in her chest, and an urge to burst into the Queen song sprinted through her. She choked.

“Are you okay?”

A hand lightly patted her back—Drake’s, because Wiz stood in the opposite corner. She shifted to the side forcing him to drop his hand, and the sudden loss of warmth his touch had provided left a void. “I’m fine, thanks,” she croaked.

The elevator finally stopped, and she opened the doors then led them through the kitchen and living areas and showed Drake the four bedrooms. “All of the rooms up here are the same except for small details. You can explore and take your pick.” She turned to leave but kept her focus on Drake. “My cell number is on the paperwork on the kitchen island—I usually stay out of the way, but if you need anything, I can—” Drake’s expression brought her words to an abrupt halt.

A smile tugged at the edges of his lips. “You really don’t need to stay out of the way.”

Treasure by the Sea is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Please click this link to purchase.

About the Author:

Talia Logan is the pen name for an award-winning author of thrillers, but Talia writes romance. Her alter ego isn’t a secret, but she does want to keep her genres separate.

In her stories you’ll find heartbreak and joy, maybe a little intrigue, and always a happy ending. She writes from the porch of a Chesapeake Bay-front home, where the seagulls caw by day, the waves crash by night, and the moon casts a sultry glow over the dark waters… Okay, that’s fiction, but this is romance.

Because everyone deserves a chance at love.

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12 Responses to New Summer Beach Read: Treasure by the Sea by Talia Logan

  1. Ilona Fridl says:

    The story sounds very good! Best on it!


  2. fancifulwriter says:

    This sounds like the perfect beach read!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sandy Fehr says:

    Just wondering if I can read this book in my apartment instead of on the beach? I think I’ll buy it and do this as an experiment. Stay tuned for the results. Thanks for posting, Jenna!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Talia Logan says:

    Thank you for hosting me today, Jenna! I’m excited to be here! TL

    Liked by 1 person

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