Medieval Monday ~ Return of the Raven by Judith Sterling

Good Morning! Welcome to the Spring 2021 Medieval Monday blog hop! The hop is our usual format: the first week on my blog I posted an excerpt from my book, then afterwards, I’ll post another Medieval Monday author’s excerpt and they will post mine, plus a link where you can find excerpts from all the authors via Medieval Romance Lovers.

Our theme for the Spring is First Kiss and throughout I’ll be sharing an excerpt from my medieval romance Betrayal, book 2 of Time Enough to Love. In this book, Alyse, the heroine, has just received the news that her betrothed lord, Sir Geoffrey Longford, has married another. As Alyse and Geoffrey had already been intimate, she is in rather a predicament. Follow my snippets of Betrayal at my guest’s blog site.

Today is our final Medieval Monday post for our Spring session! Enjoy!

Week 14’s excerpt is from Judith Sterling’s medieval romance

Return of the Raven





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True love is eternal.

Margaret, Lady Ravenwood, is trapped in a loveless marriage and firmly entrenched in the medieval world. Along comes Griffin Nightshade, a historian from the future whose soul resonates with hers. He persuades her to return with him to the 1950s, but heeding her heart means courting danger from a curse that could spell her doom.

Haunted by his parents’ sudden deaths, Griffin knows all too well the pain born of love lost. He guards his emotions, but Margaret delves deep and goes straight to the soul. She’s hard to resist…and harder to set free.

The heart’s desire and history’s demands don’t always agree. Yet true love is eternal.


“Maybe the pond showed you what could happen, not what will.”

She took a step toward him. “Do you truly believe that?”

No, but I’ve got to. Somehow. “ʼTis better than the alternative.”

“Then hold onto your belief…for both of us.”

“I’ll try.” His heart seemed lodged in his throat.

“I wish…” She sighed and shook her head. “I’m going to bed now. Good night, Griff.”

“Good night, Meg.”

She walked away and out the door, leaving him to contemplate the empty room. Her absence diminished the long gallery. Like the ruined castles devoid of life, it was nothing but a hollow shell.

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Time Enough to Love Series

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5 Responses to Medieval Monday ~ Return of the Raven by Judith Sterling

  1. Awwww … things will turn around, Meg! I’ve enjoyed getting to know these characters, Judith. I’m behind in my reading, by soon I will know how their story ends. 🙂

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  2. marymorgan2 says:

    Wonderful, Judith! Have a fabulous Monday and week!

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  3. Thanks so much for hosting me, Jenna. Have a lovely week! 🙂


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