Happy Halloween Tuesday!

Happy Halloween Tuesday!

Because Halloween is my favorite holiday, I’m posting each day this week with some fun tidbits about my Halloween experiences and some giveaways each day to celebrate.

Today’s post is about Halloween costumes.

The very first costume I remember wearing was a witch costume. The memory I have was of me ironing (toy iron) the golden orange crepe skirt to the costume on my toy ironing board.

The next memory I have was of me at age 6 wearing a Tweetie Bird costume. The big issue that year was that the week before Halloween I’d fallen from a chair and busted my head open. My mother was concerned, for some reason, about me wearing a mask over the bandage. I also remember, when I fell, all I would say was “Am I going to be all right for Halloween?” I told you, it’s always been my favorite holiday.

I’m pretty sure this is the costume I wore at age 6.

Since then I’ve dressed as a pirate, a cat, a variety of witches, and a lamp.

This year my daughter’s dog Severus takes the prize for cute costume in the family.

What’s your favorite costume that you’ve been over the years?

One randomly chosen commenter on this post will win a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks.

Also this week I’m part of the Historical Romance Halloween Trick or Treat Hop. If you’d like to join, click HERE. Grand prize is a $150 gift card!




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6 Responses to Happy Halloween Tuesday!

  1. Patricia Barraclough says:

    My first costume I remember was in the town parade when I was in third grade or so. I was a maid. My favorite since was when I was a children’s librarian – Professor McGonagoll.


  2. Lisamarie Whiting says:

    My favorite costume ever is still Cleopatra!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!😍🥰😍🥰🥰😍


  3. kaisquared4 says:

    A Belle Starr cowgirl costume my mom made me out of old pillowcases when I was in first grade.


  4. I always remember the pumpkin cpstume my mother made for me. Yes, bright and large but also warm.


  5. Sandy Fehr says:

    I know I was a clown one year, but I can’t remember the other costumes. In those days, my mom always made our costumes because store bought ones were too expensive and ugly. I followed this tradition with my own two kids, and as they got older, my deal was that I would help make it, but they had to design it. I’ll never forget the one year my daughter wanted to be a “zipper.” To this day, I have no idea where she got that idea, but somehow we pulled it off! 😂

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