Happy Hauntings for Halloween Week #2

This month, Thursdays are my opportunity to celebrate my favorite holiday with some Halloween fun and a giveaway.

Each week I’ll post something fun relating to Halloween and will offer a giveaway of a $5.00 Starbucks gift card, which I’ll mail to you in a Halloween card (with maybe another little goodie tucked inside). I’ll draw a random name from the commenters on each week’s post.

This week I’m thinking about watching scary Halloween movies. My all time favorite scary movie is It (actually the 1980s mini series one). I really love Tim Curry as Pennywise.


For really Scare-the-Pants-Off-You Halloween Movies I also like/survived The Exorcist, The Ring, Skeleton Key, and Pet Sematary. I also love the classics: Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula, Carrie, Psycho, The Shining, The Birds.


I saw this as a sophomore in college. I slept with the lights on for two weeks afterwards.

How I came to watch this movie and what happened when I did is quite a tale.

One Halloween when my girls were probably 8 & 9, their father took them out of the neighborhood trick or treating and I decided it was the perfect time to watch a scary movie. I’d heard The Ring was good and scary, so I rented it on VHS and sat back in the living room to watch. About halfway through, my husband and the girls came back. The girls went to their rooms to eat candy and my husband said, “I want to see the movie too.” So I rewound it, started over, and he promptly fell asleep.

I’d gotten all the way through the movie to the point where the reporter tells her son that the curse is gone because they freed Samara and he says that that was a bad idea, the curse was still happening—and my house phone rings. My husband, half asleep, picks it up, says “Hello?”, listens for a moment, then tries to hand me the phone saying “It’s for you.”

I freaked out. Hit pause on the VHS player, knocked the phone out of his hand, which went flying into the hallway, and my heart is beating like crazy. I retrieved the phone, cautiously put it to my ear and said, “Hello?”  And my cousin says, “What the hell is going on there?”

I have never again watched a scary movie on Halloween.


What’s your fave Scared-the-Hell-Out-Of-Me Halloween movie? Is there one you haven’t seen but want to?

My Winner of the Starbucks Gift Card for Week #1 is Gina Johnson! I’ll be sending you your Halloween card today!



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3 Responses to Happy Hauntings for Halloween Week #2

  1. kaisquared4 says:

    I don’t do scary


  2. I am not fond of Halloween movies. Leprechaun was so scary.


  3. Karen M says:

    I thought that the original Halloween movie was scary.


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