Giveaway Winners!

I’ve had so many giveaways recently, I thought I’d announce them all at once here.

(Throws confetti)

First, the winner for the Only Scandal Will Do Giveaway, who I did announce before, is



The winner for the Only Marriage Will Do Giveaway is



And the winner for the Only Pleasure Will Do Release Party Giveaway is


Congratulations to all my winners. You will be contacted shortly and I am putting your physical prizes in the mail today. If I have not already contacted you, I will be doing that shortly.

And don’t forget my Christmas Giveaway that’s going on throughout September (well at least until the 29th), which is when The Widow’s Christmas Surprise releases (another party on the horizon). The Rafflecopter link for that is here, if you’d care to enter.

Have a great day and see you on the blog! I love to get comments from you!

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1 Response to Giveaway Winners!

  1. Glenda M says:

    Congratulations Ladies!

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