Release Day Party for Only Pleasure Will Do!


Only Pleasure Will Do, the final book of the House of Pleasure series, releases today!

Available on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99.

I started writing Only Scandal Will Do, the first book of the series, in Fall of 2009 after reading a romance novel by Mary Balogh called The Secret Pearl. I got the germ of the idea for my book from that book (although the two books are totally different) and the idea for Scandal (originally titled The Marquess Makes A Mistake) so consumed me that I put aside the novel I’d started writing and had to write Scandal instead because the main characters would not give me any peace until I did.

When Scandal got picked up, originally by Lyrical Press, my fabulous editor, Mary Murray asked me to remove an early chapter in the book. The chapter followed a minor character, a Bow Street Runner who was investigating his cousin’s kidnapping and goes to a notorious brothel to see if he can obtain information from the madam. My editor said that that was the only chapter that was not in either the hero or heroine’s POV and it really didn’t do very much to forward the story, so I should cut it, but keep it and maybe use it somewhere else another time.

Now, this summer, that chapter became A Matter of Pleasure, the prologue and first chapter of Only Pleasure Will Do. At long last, after eleven years, Reginald Matthews and Amorina Vestry get to have their story told and I couldn’t be happier about how that story turned out. Over the years I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do with these two characters and as I worked on plotting out their story I tried to make a lot of things come full circle from the first to last book of the series. If you recently read Only Scandal Will Do, I hope you catch some of these little deja vu moments in Only Pleasure Will Do. I had a lot of fun crafting them in.

To day is a day of celebration, and so in the spirit of a party, I’m having a couple of giveaways. The first is a complete set of the House of Pleasure e-books (not all are in print yet) plus a swag pack and the second is an Amazon gift card for $20.00 plus swag pack. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here and you’ll have as many chances to win as you enter.

As promised, I have the winner of the Only Marriage Will Do Giveaway from this past week. That winner of an e-copy of Only Marriage Will Do, a swag pack, and a $5.00 Starbucks gift card is


Congratulations, Amy! I’ll be contacting you later today for some information.


Everyone, please tell your friends who like steamy historical romances that this is the series and the book for them! And here are the details and an excerpt from Only Pleasure Will Do:


The pleasure is all hers…

Amorina Vestry, madam of the House of Pleasure for six long years, has wrested a living out the establishment by devising a variety of ways to give men pleasure. But behind the persona of the ruthless businesswoman, schooled in the erotic arts, lurks another woman with a secret she dares tell no one. Now, in vengeance for thwarting a dastardly plan, Amorina is kidnapped and forced to commit murder to save the one person she loves unconditionally…unless the man she secretly yearns for can rescue her before it’s too late.

When Amorina Vestry goes missing, Sir Reginald Matthews, former Runner now magistrate at Bow Street, agrees to search for the very provocative woman he met a year ago and cannot seem to forget. He manages to track her down, only to be captured by the same madman who took her. Their close proximity in a make-shift prison leads inexorably to a night of passion in which Amorina lowers her guard to reveal a shocking truth. Spurred by his growing attraction to her, Reginald is determined to free them before she commits the most heinous crime imaginable.

As Reginald races to save Amorina, he comes to fear another foe as well. He may very well save his love only to find he must give her up or risk the censure of a society that will condemn her.


The unexpected touch of his lips sent a firestorm of heat coursing through Amorina, as if his mouth were a torch set to a line of black powder that sizzled directly to her core. It had been such a long time since any man had touched her so strongly, so deeply. The shock that such feelings still existed within her almost made her pull back from him. Almost. At some basic level, though, she understood that if she did so, Sir Reginald would believe it a rejection of him, and she’d lose any chance of even a fleeting moment of passion in his arms. Instead, she slipped her arms around his neck, pressing her body more securely against his, her fears of Tommy Redmond’s revenge washed away by the wave of desire that engulfed her.

In response, he groaned and deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue smoothly into her mouth, a sensation she’d enjoyed only once before, with the marquess. Thoughts of Duncan and their time together flooded her memory, but she banished them firmly. That past could not be reclaimed, even if she wished such a thing. Standing here, in Sir Reginald’s embrace, she wanted her only thoughts to be of him and the pleasure they could share.

Now it was her turn to show him what was on her mind.

Only Pleasure Will Do is available on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99 for today only. Tomorrow the Amazon price reverts to the non-pre-order price of $4.99. Smashwords and its affiliates will continue at the $2.99 price for a week (since they didn’t have a pre-order option).

Thank you for joining the fun with me today!


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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4 Responses to Release Day Party for Only Pleasure Will Do!

  1. Cara Hartley says:

    Congratulations on the release. It seems that Amorina may be enjoying a, shall we say, release as well. 😉
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

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  2. San says:

    Good morning, Jenna! Congratulations on the release of Only Pleasure will do! 🎈🎈🎈🎊🎉

    Liked by 1 person

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