The Writer’s Eye: Deadlines




So sorry I missed last week’s post, but I am working feverishly toward a deadline for the final book in the Widow’s Club series, working title The Widow Wore Plaid. I’ve written the first draft out long hand, my preferred way to work. Somehow writing out a book long hand gives me permission for it to be crap, because I know I can fix it in revision. When I type directly into the computer, I feel it has to be perfect the first time around, so it takes me longer to write as I am constantly editing.

I’ve tried to be good about my deadlines with all my editors through the years. They have deadlines they have to meet as well and if I miss mine, they will likely miss theirs as well.

Which is why this post is so short. I hope to revisit the topic soon, but for now I’m going back to my typing, trying desperately to make my deadline next week.

Wish me luck!

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1 Response to The Writer’s Eye: Deadlines

  1. The anxiety around deadlines eat at my soul. Best of luck! I’m sending positive vibes!


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