Only Scandal Will Do is on Pre-Order!

I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but like the Little Engine That Could, I did!

I’m very pleased to announce that Only Scandal Will Do is now on pre-order on Amazon for the pre-order price of .99. The book will release on June 30, 2020 at which point it will revert to its normal price of $2.99. Here’s the link for you.

If you’re not familiar with my Georgian House of Pleasure series, Only Scandal Will Do is the first book of five in the series. Set in the midst of the wild and decadent times of George III, the series is chocked full of feisty heroines, damsels in distress, arrogant lords, truly evil villains, and skilled swordsmen (and women!) during a time when dueling was quite common (though illegal). If you know and love Jo Beverley’s Malloren series, this is my homage to her and to her characters who are gorgeously drawn.

Here’s the new blurb, followed by an excerpt.


He has the woman of his dreams, but can he find a way to win her heart?

Kidnapped, displayed on the auction block of a notorious brothel, and sold to the highest bidder, Lady Katherine Fitzwilliam is furious and vows to fight her way out. Unfortunately, the rogue who bought her is way too charming and attractive to make that easy. He seduces Kat almost to the point of ruin, but she manages to escape him, although thoughts of him tend to linger long after she’s free.

Duncan, Marquess of Dalbury succumbs to temptation one night and purchases a fiery beauty whose very looks fill him with hot desire. When she insists she’s a lady, he scoffs, but is surprised when she flees before he can claim his pleasure. When he discovers she’s sister to a peer, Duncan is horrified to have compromised her. He offers marriage to scotch the scandal and gain an heir. However, the dazzling charms of the red-haired beauty, coupled with her astonishing skill with a sword, ensnares his heart and soul. If only Katarina didn’t hate him with a fury hotter than three hells…

Can he manage to turn her anger against him into a passion for him? Or will they be doomed to live together, but forever apart?


London, 1761

“Put her back in the carriage, now!” Her assailant snarled the brusque command, sending a shiver of fear through Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam.

An unseen attacker seized and tossed her into the coach. Gagged, hands pinioned behind her back, ankles bound together, she lay trussed like a Christmas goose in a cramped bundle on the hard plank floor of the dim carriage, her diaphanous Grecian costume in ruins. Schemes for escape flashed through her head in a dizzying whirl.

The horses jerked forward, the uneven cobblestones of London’s streets jouncing her already aching body.

All because she’d been bored. Doggedly, Katarina tested the bonds securing her hands, strained against the coarse rope then relaxed, seeking play in the cords. None. She muttered a curse and forced her whole body to relax. Tension would never free her. Rough and tumble games growing up with Jack had taught her that.

Jack! God, where was he? Was he alive or… She’d heard one muted cry when they were attacked, then nothing. If her brother were dead, it would be her fault.

Katarina pulled and twisted her wrists. If they’d stayed in Virginia, they would have been better off. London was far wilder than she would have believed. Although she’d heard of women being abducted by highwaymen, she’d thought them only tales–until now.

But when Jack inherited a title, they’d been forced to come to London. The six months of mourning for their father not quite over, Great-Aunt Harriet now commanded the little social life allowed her. The past month found her stuck all day with strong tea and inane gossip about her aunt’s old friends. Finally, rebellion set in. Over breakfast this morning, she’d demanded Jack escort her to a masquerade ball this evening, ironically attired as Athena, goddess of war.

A nasty rut jarred the carriage, making Kat groan. What wouldn’t she give for Athena’s armor at this moment, or at least her spear. She had to admit, though, she’d gotten her wish. She wasn’t bored now.


Come by the blog on June 30 for the release party! I’ll be giving away prizes throughout the day, and revealing sneak peeks of Only Pleasure Will Do, book 5 of the House of Pleasure series that releases in late August.

And today, I’ll be giving away a copy of Only Scandal Will Do to one commenter on this post.

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  1. Thanks for the great preorder price. Got mine.

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