Meet Lulu!

 Meet Lulu!

In my upcoming release, Much Ado About A Widow, my heroine, Lady Georgina Kirkpatrick, has a dog as her companion throughout the book. The dog is a tri-colored King Charles Spaniel named Lulu who actually becomes quite a character in her own right (my editor loved Lulu).

It’s the first time I’ve written an animal as a pet into one of my novels, and I must say she was a lot of fun to write. She is spunky, independent, and very intelligent. She is Georgie’s emotional support animal and a friend that she loves dearly. And she’s an integral part of the story as she helps Georgie fend off unwanted attentions from several male characters, and becomes a matchmaker of sorts, bringing my heroine and hero together at last.

King Charles Spaniels were extremely popular as pets during the Regency (along with pugs) and you can find them painted in many family portraits of the time. Lulu has a very high pedigree, which comes out in the course of the book, and a history with Georgie that goes back to when Georgie was six years old and Lulu’s great-great-grandmother Lucy was Georgie’s pet. The story of Georgie and Lucy was told in Book 2 of the Widows’ club series, Wedding the Widow.

Here’s an excerpt from Much Ado About A Widow in which Lulu figures rather prominently.

The pitching of the carriage lessened as the team veered into the yard of a coaching inn called The Running Horse. Glancing out the window, Georgie discovered a bustling scene with grooms hustling to and fro leading horses here and there, all types of people disembarking from a mail coach, children crying, hostlers shouting, bridles clinking. The panorama teeming with life chased away her somber mood.

“Let us stretch our legs, Clara, and get something hot to drink. Come, Lulu.” Georgie held the lead in one hand and gathered the little dog under her other arm.

Lulu yipped and struggled to get down.

“You know you cannot leap down from the carriage, so I do not know why you put up such a fuss each time I carry you.” Sighing, she took the coachman’s hand. “Thank you, Folger. We will require hot tea and a moment’s rest.”

“Very good, my lady.” He turned to a groom who was already unharnessing the team.

Putting Lulu on the ground, Georgie gave her a pat and tried to untangle the leash. Lulu shook herself, sniffed the air, growled, then bolted toward the center of the inn yard.

“Lulu!” The leather lead slipped through her fingers and Georgie stopped, paralyzed. A party of riders thundered into the yard, their horses’ hooves slashing the frozen mud mere feet away from the little dog. Lulu backed up, barking as though she would attack the giants.

Heart beating almost out of her chest, Georgie raced forward and grabbed the lead. She pulled with all her might, and Lulu slid back toward her, out of danger. Gathering the dog into her arms and thanking heaven for her salvation, Georgie glanced up at the riders who had just missed her pet. The party of four rather rugged-looking men was dismounting. Grooms bespeaking lodging for their master, perhaps, for she could see their mounts were costly. One fellow with a round, jowly face and a flattened nose glanced at her and nodded.

Too distraught to even acknowledge him, she turned away, holding Lulu tight against her chest.

“My lady, are you all right?” Face pale as snow, Clara ran up to her.

“Perfectly fine.” Georgie’s shaken voice belied her words, but she couldn’t help it. Trying to breathe normally, she headed for the inn, relieved the incident had ended with no harm to her save some mud on the hem of her pelisse. Once they were free of the inn yard, she put Lulu down again, and the dog trotted happily in front of her, tail waving like a fringed white flag.

As you can see, Lulu is quite the character! So in honor of this delightful little animal, and to celebrate the upcoming release of Much Ado About A Widow in December, I’m having a Rafflecopter giveaway for the month of November. There are several fun prizes to win:

First, a stuffed King Charles Spaniel with collar and leash; next, a signed print copy of Much Ado About A Widow; and finally an e-copy of the winner’s choice of the back listed Widows’ Club books. All winners will also receive a Much Ado Swag Bag.

To enter the giveaway, click HERE.

Don’t forget, Much Ado About A Widow releases on December 31, 2019! Grab your copy now–a new book for the New Year! Available on pre-order at Amazon, B & N, Google, Kobo and Apple.

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9 Responses to Meet Lulu!

  1. I’m excited, waiting for your thoughts on publishers.


  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Lulu seems like an adorable troublemaker.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alice Castle says:

    I love pets with personality! I would truly love Lulu! But I can’t have a pet because my 88 year old mother lives with us and she’s not steady on her feet. We’re afraid she’d move too quickly and fall. But I really love dogs so thank you for introducing me to Lulu! I enjoy your books!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Thank you, Alice. So sorry you can’t have pets at this time. We are actually more cat people than dog people. I’ve had cats all my life. Only recently did my daughter get a dog, a cocker spaniel who is very sweet. I hope you enjoy Much Ado About a Widow as well!


  4. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Your readers will love Lulu, too. Pets wag their way into readers hearts quicker even than people do.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Good morning, lovely lady. You add a delightful joy for me every week. I am in need of a publisher since the former publisher has stopped sending me information regarding my books. If possible, can you suggest a publisher who would help me get started. My latest book, Now What? is almost finished. Best always, Jenna from me to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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