Where in the World is Jenna Jaxon? (Part 5)

I’m still in New York City!

I would have posted sooner today, but I have been on the go-go-go ever since I got here.

Wednesday I actually WALKED and, wait for it, BY MYSELF, in New York City. While not a first, I’ve only done it once before (a very long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way).

Times Square

Times Square

However, I managed to walk–without getting lost, mind you– to Hatsuhana, a wonderful upscale Japanese restaurant for lunch and a meeting with my agent, Kathy Greene. It was truly wonderful to meet Kathy for the first time in person. I’ve talked to her for the past three years via phone and email, and had been querying her since 2011. So the meeting was long overdue. She’s a fabulous person to talk to, very savvy about the industry, and made me feel very much at ease.

No sooner did I get back to the hotel than it was time to walk in the opposite direction, to a meeting with my editor, John Scognamiglio at Kensington’s offices. Again, managing not to get lost, I arrived and John gave me the grand tour of the company, meeting people who had previously only been names on emails. I also got introduced to the publisher, Lynn Cully, who took the time out of her busy afternoon to chat with us for a bit.

Thursday was the first day of the actual RWA conference and I attended several great workshops, including “Trope-tastic,” a two hour (well, it ran about 2 1/2) intensive on romance tropes and how to effectively write them, given by Damon Suade, a fantastic speaker who exhausts his listeners with his energy.

As soon as I got out of the workshop, it was time to dress and hurry over to the Kensington Party, this year at the restaurant The Ribbon, just across Schubert Alley from the hotel. Great food and drink all evening. I met quite a few new people and talked a lot (for me). Kensington always gives us a book related gift, and this year we got wonderful picture frames with our current or upcoming book featured in the frame.

Much Ado About A Widow

Then today, Friday, was the Kensington book signing at 11:00 am. I was signing the current Widows’ Club book, What a Widow Wants. I also had beside me–for promotional purposes–the framed cover of Much Ado About a Widow, and my stuffed King Charles spaniel, named Lulu, after the dog in the upcoming book (you can just see her leg in the picture below). I had originally planned to raffle Lulu off this week, but I’ve grown so attached to her that she’s going to be my mascot on my trip (there’ll be an opportunity to win a Lulu stuffed dog in October, so stay tuned).

Kensington Signing with Lulu

Tomorrow I’m forgoing some workshops in order to get the mess with Sprint–yes, the debacle is going into its 8th day!–sorted out before I fly out on Sunday. Will let you know how that turns out on my blog on Sunday (in addition to my weekly Weekend Writing Warriors post).

All for now, with more updates to follow!




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3 Responses to Where in the World is Jenna Jaxon? (Part 5)

  1. It sounds so exciting and so…exhausting. lol. This is all wonderful, Jenna! Love your books, your writing… Kudos!


  2. I’m glad you got to meet the professionals with whom you’ve been working. It’s always satisfying to put a face and demeanor to the names. And time with fans, too! You’re batting 1000 on the social scale. Now if Sprint would just cooperate. Although I noted on FB that you’re now with Verizon. Some day, you’ll have to tell me how that went down. Have fun!


  3. Jenna, what a terrific rundown on your activities. I live in New City, NY after many years, and I worked in One Life To Live for a bunch of years plus movies and a great play where I was the lead. Funny stuff. Thanks for keeping in touch with all your goodies.


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