The Christmas Mouse ~ More Christmas in July

I’m home from the beach now and gearing up for my next trip next Monday, but I wanted to share some pictures my daughters and I took when we went to the Christmas Mouse in Duck last week. Since I was doing this Christmas in July promotion, I thought it would be apropos.

The Hall of Christmas Trees

Selfie With Christmas Tree

They seem to have every Christmas ornament known to man!

Animal Ornaments

Food Ornaments










My daughters made me close my eyes and led me to these trees! I wanted to take them home with us!

Peacock Christmas Tree

Cardinal Christmas Tree










And my Christmas Card moment for you!

Merry Christmas in July!

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1 Response to The Christmas Mouse ~ More Christmas in July

  1. You always bring romance and more week after week. Hugs to you and your delightful stories, my friend.


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