Second Chance Love: A Lady’s Guide to Marriage by Tabetha Waite

                 Welcome to day two of Second Chance Love

Meet the Authors Week!

My newest release can be found in the  boxed set Second Chance Loves: A Regency Romance Set, available for free on Kindle Unlimited or in e-book for .99 on Amazon here. I’ve been sharing snippets of my offering, Heart of Decadence, on this blog (Chapter 1 can be read above) and via my posts each Sunday to Weekend Writing Warriors.

So this week, I thought I’d introduce you to the other five stories that comprise Second Chance Loves. The premise of the set is women who are not in the first bloom, who have loved and lost, or in some manner needed a second chance to find love.

Below is an excerpt from A Lady’s Guide to Marriage:

God, I’ve been a fool for staying away as long as I have — for leaving in the first place.

He clenched his fist at his side as she stopped in front of him. Time melted away, and even though nearly twenty-five years of marriage had changed her features and form slightly, had dimmed the bright luster of her copper red locks into a more subdued strawberry-blond, a few wisps framing her face as they tried to escape her bonnet, he knew without a doubt, that if he had a second chance, he would choose to marry her all over again.

She was the love of his life, and it was past time that he told her exactly how he felt.

He started to open his mouth, to finally speak the words clogging his throat.

“Hello, Michael.”

Albina offered him a slight smile, inclining her head slightly, before she turned and walked into the house.

And all at once — let him know where she stood.

Swallowing down his bitter disappointment, he followed her inside.


“I trust your journey was pleasant.”

Albina cringed inwardly at the perfect, masculine sound of his detached voice. After five years, he might have come up with something a bit more to say. What is wrong with you! She wanted to shout at him, to ask if he even cared about her anymore, but at least she knew where she stood with him.

Now, if he had rushed to the carriage and dragged her into his arms and kissed her senseless…

But then, those were the fantasies of a young debutante, and not appropriate for a mature woman who had been married for more than two decades, who had shared everything from a bed, to children, to sorrow and happiness with this man.

At this point, Albina had to ask herself what was left.

She feared that the answer would be…nothing.

But then, that wasn’t true for her, was it? She wanted him as much as she ever had before. The instant she had set eyes on her husband it was as if they had never been apart. He was still just as handsome as ever, even if a bit of silver had colored his dark hair slightly at the temples. He still had the same chiseled lips and jawline; those eyes still the color of warm chocolate. More importantly, he still had the power to make her heart thump in her chest, even if he seemed blissfully unaware of it.

But then, she’d never encouraged his attentions lately either, so she supposed she couldn’t really blame him for something for which he wasn’t wholly to blame. They both had their faults.


She’s never stopped loving him. He’s never stopped loving her. But is love enough to salvage a crumbling marriage, or will it be their ultimate undoing?

Meet the Author:

Tabetha Waite is the multi-award winning author of the historical romance Ways of Love Series. Her debut novel, “Why the Earl is After the Girl,” was published in July of 2016 and won the 2017 Best Indie Book Award in Romance and the 2018 Second Place Feathered Quill Book Award in Romance. “When a Duke Pursues a Lady” was a Book Talk Radio Club finalist in romance in 2018. She is also a certified PAN member of the RWA and holds a milestone pin for 5 published romances.

When she’s not writing, Tabetha is reading as true bookworms do, or checking out any antique mall she comes across. She is a small town, Missouri girl who continues to make her home in the Midwest with her husband and two wonderful daughters.

You can find her on most any social media site, and she encourages fans of her work to join her mailing list for updates.

Remember to grab your copy now from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!


Meet Second Chance Love author Cynthia Sterling here!

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