Medieval Monday: First Meet! ~ Lane McFarland’s To Support A King



First Meet!

 Welcome to Medieval Mondays! Our theme for this year’s first round is the hero and heroine’s first meet.

This week I’m hosting the fabulous Land McFarland and her medieval romance

To Support A King



He glared over his shoulder. “What are ye waiting for?”

She hesitated.


Vexing brute. She hated to admit he was right. It was time to head back. She smoothed the front of her gown and started toward him.

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Jenna here. If you’re following my snippets too, I’m on Lane‘s blog today.


Plagued by atrocities he committed against innocent victims while pursuing his father’s killers, Laird Mangus MacAndrew pledged to defend and provide for his clan. But his leadership is tested when two of his ships are attacked and his crews massacred. Desperate to fulfill his obligation to protect the clan, Mangus agrees to help reinstate The Turnberry Bond. His mission—garner support for the Bruce and avenge the deaths of his men.

The MacAndrew clan provides Catriona Butler something her Irish home could not, a safe haven. But when she receives a missive her brother is imprisoned and will be executed unless acceptable éraic can be obtained, she must return to her homeland. Mangus agrees to take Catriona to Ireland and vows she will not become a distraction, but he longs to be near her. Catriona witnesses Mangus’s fierce anger and grows distrustful. After a life of suffering her father’s vicious temper, she is skeptical of anyone with a penchant for violence. She attempts to keep her distance, but her traitorous heart pulls her in Mangus’s direction.

With the fate of the kingdom on his shoulders, will Mangus reunite the men of The Turnberry Bond? Can he pursue vengeance against his enemies without taking more innocent lives? And can Catriona free her brother and grow to trust Mangus, staying true to her heart?

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Next week I’ll be hosting Judith Sterling on my blog! Please come back for a snippet from her book, Shadow of the Swan.

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2 Responses to Medieval Monday: First Meet! ~ Lane McFarland’s To Support A King

  1. Lori Dykes says:

    Good Morning! Yes I love that phrase too!! Vexing Brute. Great blurb Jenna!


  2. Diane Burton says:

    “Vexing brute.” Love that phrase. The Brits use vexing more than we do here in the U.S. Great word. Good snippet, Jenna.


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