Wedding the Widow Release Day!

My Regency romance, Wedding the Widow, releases today at e-tailers and in Barnes & Noble Book Stores, Books-A-Million, and likely Walmart stores across the country! Read on for my Release party Giveaway below.


Wedding the Widow is Book 2 of The Widows’ Club series, about six friends who were widowed by the Battle of Waterloo, and now, a year later, are all in various degrees of getting on with their lives.

Elizabeth’s story details her struggle to overcome her husband’s death when she is attracted to one particular gentleman at her friend Charlotte’s house party. Torn between continuing to grieve for her lost husband or admit the stirrings of passion again, Elizabeth must make a choice, and this tale of what happens when passion is denied will hopefully put you very squarely rooting for that passion to win out!


Of all the widows of Lyttlefield Park, Elizabeth Easton seems least likely to remarry. Though many gentlemen would love to get to know the charming Mrs. Easton better, she is devoted to the memory of her late husband. Which is why she’s so shocked to be overtaken by passion during a harvest festival, succumbing to an unforgettable interlude with the handsome Lord Brack . . .

After enduring years of war, Jemmy, Lord Brack, plans to defer matrimony in favor of carefree pleasure. But who could resist a lifetime with Elizabeth Easton, a woman as marvelously sensual as she is sweet? Yet despite their mutual desire, she refuses to consider his proposal. With scandal looming, and their families bitterly opposed to the match, Jemmy must find a way to convince Elizabeth to risk her wary heart on him—and turn one infamous night into forever . . .


“As the seed goes to the fertile ground, so goes the Harvest Lord to his Maiden…Nora Burns.” Michael Thorne intoned the ages-old chant, then seized the dark-haired Nora, her face alight with joy and triumph, by the hand and pulled her to him.

A jubilant cry went up from the crowd, a wail of lament from the three would-be Corn Maidens. They scurried out of the circle, arms around each other.

Elizabeth’s heart thumped so hard she gasped for breath. Could Lord Brack feel her pulse pounding in the hand he held so tightly?

The Harvest Lord led his Maiden into the center of the circle, grabbed her around the waist, and lifted her above his head, spinning them around. After making a complete circle, he lowered her inch by inch to the ground. As soon as her feet touched the field stubble, he grasped her face—her cheeks red, her eyes snapping with excitement—and lowered his mouth to hers.

A stab of desire jolted Elizabeth, tearing through her like a lightning bolt straight to the apex of her thighs. Her breasts tingled as the Harvest Lord claimed his Corn Maiden.

As Thorne deepened the kiss, Nora threw her arms around his neck, pressing herself against the powerful body before her.

Panting, Elizabeth strained forward as well, her hands clasped vise-like around Lord Brack’s arm. A moan of need began in her throat, but she bit it back. What was happening to her?

She’d not been this aroused in over a year, not since her husband Richard, or Dickon she’d called him, had gone away to war. She’d felt his death so sharply she’d not even thought about love or desire for another man. Not until Charlotte had dragged her to the house party in August. There she’d met Lord Brack, who she’d found very amiable, but hadn’t thought of as desirable. Well, not exactly. Nor had she paid much attention to his obvious interest in her. Until now.

His arm tensed as he watched the crowning of the Corn Maiden. From the corner of her eye she marked his Grecian profile as it stood stark against the flickering torchlight, his gaze fixed on the couple before them. His jaw clenched so tightly she could almost hear it creak. He turned his head to peer down at her, his eyes dark with a desire of his own.

Slipping his arm around her shoulders, he turned them away from the sight of Michael and Nora as applause from the surrounding crowd crashed around them. He led her from the lighted circle, toward a stand of trees at the edge of the field.

Elizabeth had expected her senses would return once she no longer bore witness to the incredible raw sexual power of that kiss. Her body, however, continued to throb, then to ache with the need to feel a man’s touch once more.

Lord Brack stopped just at the tree line, well out of the light. He loosed her hands from their grip on his arm, then cupped her face, just as Michael Thorne had done to Nora, and sank his mouth onto hers.

A bolt of fire shot through her, down her arms and legs, through fingers and toes. Her core heated as though a sun burned at the center, and the ache deep inside her, begun while they watched the Harvest couple, became a demand she could not ignore.

Brack deepened the kiss, his tongue stealing warm and welcome into her mouth. She arched her neck back, opening herself fully. Let him take her here and now.



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To celebrate today’s release, I’m giving away two signed copies of Wedding the Widow. Comment below for a chance to win a copy!

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7 Responses to Wedding the Widow Release Day!

  1. Linda says:

    I can’t wait to read this series.


  2. Lori Dykes says:

    Congratulations on your release! I love your books!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Congratulations on the release!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenna, your writing is incredibly splendid in opening the past for me. I’m breathless after reading the blurb, I’m lost in the exquisite picture you paint; the passion is palpable. Thank you.
    Best wishes always, Charmaine Gordon.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Thank you so much, Charmaine. You are very sweet! I’m always happy to hear that my writing has painted these pictures for you. I always hope the images I see when I’m writing come across to my readers. 🙂 XOXOX


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