Cover Reveal: Dark Chocolate and Strawberries by Daryl Devore

What’s a naughty fairy tale like Red Riding Hood without Red, the huntsman, grandma and especially, the big bad wolf?

Esmerelda ‘Red’ Hood is summoned to her mother’s executive suite only to learn her sweet granny is headed for a romantic cruise with a gigolo. Horrified, Red races off to save her grandma before it’s too late.

On board, Red meets Andrew Woodsman and Willem Olf. One a cutie with the biggest puppy eyes and the other a dark, sophisticated predator. Her grandmother’s warning rings in Red’s ear “Never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Even with the warning, Red has trouble choosing which man could be the big bad wolf and which could be her happily ever after.

Note: This book was previously published by New Dawning Bookfair under the title Sexy Red Hood.




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4 Responses to Cover Reveal: Dark Chocolate and Strawberries by Daryl Devore

  1. daryldevore says:

    Did I forget to say thank you, Jenna. Yikes. Thanks so much for letting me post today. Tweeted.

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  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    This sounds hilarious!

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