Celebrating Marie Higgins’ 50th Book: Surrender Your Heart

Time to celebrate today! My blog guest is historical romance author Marie Higgins who is celebrating the publication of her 50th book! Congratulations, Marie! Please tell s all about Surrender Your Heart.

I’m celebrating my new release, which just happens to be book #50!  AND… a new series! Book #50, Surrender Your Heart, starts a new historical series – Sweet Savannah Home. I’ve never been to Savannah, Georgia, although I have driven from Atlanta to Charleston, South Carolina, and from the pictures I’ve seen, Savannah is as beautiful as these towns.

The subplot my story focuses on is the immigrants that came from England and Ireland to live in Savannah. But during 1885, people from Ireland were not very happy with the land owners from England. (click link for more info – http://historicalhussies.blogspot.com/2018/06/land-wars-england-vs-ireland-1790-1880.html )

Raving reviews for Surrender Your Heart:

  • I loved reading this book! I loved the characters and the plot! I had a hard time putting this wonderful book down! I will be reading the next book in this wonderful series!
  • I always enjoy Marie’s books. She makes me laugh, cry, sit on the edge of my seat and fall in love over and over again. She has produced another great book.
  • As always, I’d like to thank Marie for this wonderful book, loved every moment spent reading, gave off so many emotions. Didn’t take me long to finish, delved into the story straight away.

After a lifetime of heartache, Adam Hamilton knows bad luck follows him like a stray dog. He doesn’t dare get too close to anyone for fear something terrible will happen to them – like what happened when his wife and son died. After five years of drifting, Adam returns home to Savannah, Georgia, and learns his brother has been murdered. Determined to find answers, Adam decides to stay, but in his quest for truth, he’ll have to fight the ghosts of the past.

Emily Black races to Savannah after the sudden death of her sister’s husband. There Emily meets the coldhearted Adam Hamilton, and the man quickly proves to be an utter pain in her backside. However, as she gets to know him, she realizes a broken man is hiding beneath an aloof façade. Slowly, Emily softens toward him, determined to show him that good still exists in his life, and hoping he’ll include her in it.

Buy links:

Kindle – http://a.co/8dtEary

Paperback – http://a.co/bCkIUMe

iTunes – https://goo.gl/cx22tn

B&N – https://goo.gl/rZtjuJ

Kobo – https://goo.gl/x7cwu1

About Author:

Marie Higgins is a best-selling author of Christian and sweet romance novels; from refined bad-boy heroes who make your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults. She’s has 50 heartwarming on-the-edge-of-your-seat stories, and broadened her readership by writing mystery/suspense, humor, time-travel, paranormal, along with her love for historical romances. Her readers have dubbed her “Queen of Tease”, because of all her twists and unexpected endings.

Visit her website to discover more about her – https://authormariehiggins.wixsite.com/romance

Find her on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/marie.higgins.7543

And Twitter – https://twitter.com/mariehigginsXOX


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5 Responses to Celebrating Marie Higgins’ 50th Book: Surrender Your Heart

  1. Wonderful snippet filled with humanity.


  2. Stacey Haynes says:

    Congratulations on book #50. I cannot believe how playing Barbies and giggling so much with you jump started your imagination to bring so many characters to life. I will always be proud of you, my sister, the Best Selling author!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Jenna! I’m excited to be on your blog to celebrate this milestone in my life!

    Liked by 1 person

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