Medieval Monday: First Encounter! ~ Elisabeth Hobbes’ Redeeming the Rogue Knight



First Meet!

 is our theme for this round of Medieval Monday!

Join us, our heroes and heroines and as we see that crucial first encounter with a couple meant to be together.

This week’s excerpt is from

Elisabeth Hobbes’

Redeeming the Rogue Knight


She clutched the poker firmly in her hand and retreated to the bottom of the staircase.

The man she had taken for a drunk now raised his head, which had been lolling to one side. He gave a wolfish grin beneath his thick beard, but it was his eyes that transfixed Lucy. Brown as walnuts and studying her with such intensity that a sensation stirred inside her she had not felt in longer than she could remember. She felt a blush begin deep between her breasts that was only prevented from spreading by the dawning realisation that her admirer’s gaze was so intense because he was struggling to focus.


The spy who sought refuge…

When injured spy Sir Roger Danby comes asking for shelter at her inn, Lucy Carew is wary. He may be strikingly handsome, but the disgraced single mother has learnt the hard way with men like him. Against her better judgement, she gives him refuge.

Sir Roger has never been at the mercy of a woman before, and he’s never met one as mysterious and bewitching as Lucy. He hasn’t come looking for redemption, but Lucy is a woman who could reach in and touch his closely guarded heart…



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Next week follow Eliasabeth to Laurel O’Donnell’s blog for the next installment!

And find my first installment of the first meet in Betrothal on Elisabeth’s blog today.

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