Character Interview with Erick Axelsson of She Came With the Tide

Today I’m interviewing Erik Axelsson, from She Came With the Tide. We had his author, Viviana Mackade, on Be My Guest  just a couple of weeks ago, so now I get your side of the story. LOL

Have you and Vivi  had any major disagreements so far?

No, not really. Vivi can be a little intense but then, I’m a laid back dude.


What was your first impression of Andrea?

That she was in trouble and scared, which she was. And, Andrea being Andrea, she surprised me from the first words she uttered. My face is kind of known and there she was, asking me who I was.


What was she doing when you first saw her?

Hiding in an old blue camping tent on the beach, just inside my property. I thought it was someone high or hung-over, but she came out.


If you could change one aspect of your character, what would you change?

Well now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’d change something. I’m okay with who I am. But for the sake of the interview, let’s say that I’m aware I can be a little impulsive. I tend to feel and act on that feeling right on. No time like the present, right? Sometimes it had worked, like with Andrea. Other times, not so much. I’m working on that, though. Sort of.


What was the most memorable part of your story for you?

The end, hands down. I mean, Andrea, my sweet, quiet Pixie all of a sudden turns into an UFC fighter and beats the crap out of that creep. It made sense, for her to have that rage inside, but act on it? Who would have thought!


What do you do in your leisure moments?

After busting my sweet butt for 10 years at being a rock star – no, no, don’t make that face. When you’re that kind of famous, you have everything but also give everything. No life outside albums and tours. Which was fantastic until it wasn’t anymore. So when I retired and the ripe age of 30, I had nothing but fun. I did everything, first with my band, and then as a free man.  Then Andrea came along, and now I took it on me to teach her how to live life. Hard work, I know. But we’re going 360 degrees with that. School, she comes with me when I visit the kids at the orphanage, plan the wedding, rock climbing. Living with her is one long, leisure moment.


If you wouldn’t have been a rock star, what would you have been?

Something that would allow me to travel. I love to explore new places–my Viking heritage, or so Andrea days. Maybe a journalist, or a blogger. I like stories.

What are you proudest of?

Of being able to accept what changes. I worked hard, really hard, with the boys to get to the top, and we did. I could have stayed, I could still be there right now. But I, all of us, didn’t feel it anymore. It would have been an act, and our music and fans deserve more than that. So I spoke with the boys and we all decided it was time to move on even though we were still going strong. In the same way, I didn’t fight when I realized I was falling for Andrea. Why would I? Changing my life once again for her, with her, felt awesome. Still does.


What is most attractive to you about the opposite sex?

“Opposite sex” includes a lot of people, and right now I like to focus on one. I can tell you what is the most attractive thing about Andrea.

Sure, go on.

Two things. She’s steady, and I need that. My life has been an on-going demanding party, one way or another, and she worked as a balm on my crazy. At the same time, she has a child’s ability to wonder about things, and her eyes get so big and… he shakes his head, shrugs. And it’s amazing. The mesh of the two never stops hitting me hard.


What trait or characteristic do you most dislike about the opposite sex?

I hate clingy. I need to know I can do my stuff alone, if I want or need to. Now, if she isn’t at school or studying, Andrea and I are pretty much together all the time, and it works because I know if either of us needed time alone, it would be totally okay.


What’s your favorite beverage?

Juices. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, it’s okay. I’ve done all the 90 degrees out there, back in my twenties. Now I want something that actually tastes good and doesn’t leave me with a headache.

I don’t think anyone’s laughing, Erik! Thank you so much for coming by and sharing today!

Here’s a little plug for your book and boxed set to keep the juices flowing. 🙂



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Andrea Smith escaped the life her parents imposed on her when they joined a cult. On the run ever since, she had no clue her life would change with that simple ‘yes.’

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    Wonderful interview! All the best!

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