Christmas Gifts for the Romance Writer

I did this same post a few years ago, but as I was making out my Christmas list for my family,  I thought I’d re-visit it the idea and see what new goodies might be out there, both practical and simply for fun items.

#12 ~ Writer Mugs

Always popular, give your romance writer a gift she will enjoy every morning with her first cup of tea or coffee. There are tons of writer related sayings and at Cafe Press, you can get these mugs as a regular mug, a large mug, or a stainless steel travel mug. The one for the Historical Romance Writer has gone on my Christmas list. Prices start at $14.99.








#11 ~ Starbucks Gift Cards

Something to put in those Writers mugs!starbucks-gift-card



#10 ~ Postersposter

For inspiration. There are lots of these out on the internet. These are just two I really liked. There’s even one company that will make one with your own inspirational quote.

paranormal-romance-writer-tote#9 ~ Totes

We all love totes to haul our junk around in, so what better way to re-affirm your writer’s sense of pride. Not only romance writers in general, but one specific to Paranormal Romance Writers.

#8 ~ Writing Accessorieswax-seal

These include journals, writing implements, stationary, cards, quills. Everything your Romance Writer would love to have to make her feel special.






#7 ~ Laptop Bed Tray

To go with those writing accessories and your computer. For those mornings when you want to write, but not get out of bed. And if a certificate for breakfast in bed accompanied this item, your writer would be in hog heaven! (I sure know I would!)

#6 ~ Writer Themed Jewelrybook-earrings

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains. Any kind of jewelry it seems can be found with a writerly theme. I’d love to have some of these.







charm-bracelet-with-books#5 ~ Custom Mini Book Necklace

A very special piece of jewelry for your Romance writer. I found a seller on Etsy (FromMeTuYou) who will make a custom mini book charm as a necklace, so if your Romance writer has a published book with a cover, you can send them a picture of that cover and make it into something she will treasure forever.

#4 ~ Writer Themed T-Shirts

These are all over the place, specific to writers in general and to romance writers specifically in some cases. I also love the ones from Lithograph that have 75,000 words of your favorite novel on them with a design. They have a huge variety, including my fave Outlander and the historical romance writer’s icon: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


Outlander T-Shirt


Romance novelists do it between the sheets

Top 10 Reasons to Write Romance

Top 10 Reasons to Write Romance






#3 ~ Promotional Package

A couple of years ago a writer friend of mine gifted me with a promotional package withpromotion-2 one of the companies she had done promotion with, A Girl and Her Kindle. I thought this was a fantastic idea, because every writer needs to do promotion, which takes both time and money. This is truly the gift that will delight your writer, almost as much as #2.

#2 ~ A Book Review

review-gift-2-page-001If you want to gift an author with something they will love, a review of one of their books will be a delight. Gift one of their books to one of your friends and ask them to leave a brief review. Encourage everyone you know to leave reviews for all authors. It will give them a very happy holiday

#1 ~ A Writer’s Retreat

porches-1This is the number one item on my Christmas list, a 3-day writing retreat at a bed and porches-2breakfast that caters to writers up in the mountains of Virginia. Despite the time it would take to travel to this retreat, three days of uninterrupted writing time would make it well worth the drive. Really any place where I would not have to cook, clean, or answer the phone, and only have to focus on my writing, would be the best Christmas present ever. After the stress of the holidays and family time that takes you away from writing, writers are ready to get back to work. Give the gift of a solitary sojourn, even to a local hotel, where your writer can once more concentrate on what she loves to do best: write.

I hope this gave you some ideas for your gift giving this year…and for your Christmas lists, authors! Hope Santa brings you lots of these goodies!

Do you have other suggestions for gifts for authors? Authors, do you have a gift you’d like to find under your tree this Christmas?

As my present to one random commenter, I’ll be giving away a copy of my new Christmas novella,

Seduction at the Christmas Court.


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10 Responses to Christmas Gifts for the Romance Writer

  1. Diane says:

    Would love to read

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa Keir says:

    Those are some wonderful gifts… I love the Starbucks gift card. I can use it for late night writing and early morning wake ups!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      And you can use it almost anywhere there is a Starbucks. (Warning–they don’t work at Starbucks in Canada if they originate in the US. 🙂 ) I adore Starbucks cards in my stocking!


  3. I love the Christmas Gift Ideas. I’m always searching for unique and affordable items to gift!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ginadanna says:

    I love all these! Definitely great gifts for writers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      I kept finding more and more stuff, GIna. I had to leave some off or it would have been 15 items. Originally it was supposed to be 10, but I founds a couple of things I just had to include–just like my Christmas list!


  5. You have a fantastic assortment of gifts I’d love to receive. Next to a bunch more reviews 😉 the one I’d most like to have would be the writing accessories–I love the sealing wax!

    Liked by 1 person

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