Spotlight: Lanterns in the Mist by Mairi Norris

My good friend, author Mairi Norris, has released a new romance today, a little out of her usual medieval historical period, but I’ve read it and it’s a fabulous book! Set in  pre-Revolutionary War Virginia, book will keep you turning pages! So without further ado…

Màiri Norris offers to readers her newest release set in pre-Revolutionary Colonial America. Slightly darker than her usual style, Lanterns In The Mist contains scenes with graphic content that may disturb some readers.



Virginia bootmaker Duncan MacCabe needs a partner and wants a wife, but not both. So what is a pragmatic man to do but combine the two. When he learns a bride ship is en route to Norfolk with women aboard who might fit his qualifications, it appears his problem is solved.

Londoner Susanna Cooper is desperate. With her father’s sudden death, the family livelihood is gone. Her only sibling, a younger brother, abandons her to sail to China. All other options exhausted, she joins the complement of a bride ship headed for the Colony of Virginia. The only guarantee: employment or a husband.

Destiny joins Duncan and Susanna and love binds them, but a pitiless adversary, his desire for Susanna thwarted, plots a chilling vengeance to separate them—forever.

Màiri is pleased to gift a copy of Lanterns In The Mist to one of today’s commenters.


Susanna witnessed everything. Her eyes blinked, but she could not close them, nor could she force her gaze far enough to one side to avoid the images.

Once, blood spurted from the ruffian with such force the droplets arced to splash upon her face. Crimson colored her senses, as everything within her range of vision seemed drenched in a gushing fountain of blood.

An eternity passed.

The horror became so great she swooned. The respite lasted for an unmercifully brief period.

Finally, blessedly, the ruffian’s eyes glazed. He struggled to draw a gurgling, agonized breath through the gag, but the effort failed. Though his body did not move, it seemed to collapse. The light in his eyes faded.

Through it all, her captor hummed a tuneless croon. A beatific smile curved his lips. He pushed back the cowl and removed the mask.

That serene, euphoric gray gaze bent upon her.


Lanterns in the Mist is available at Amazon today!

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12 Responses to Spotlight: Lanterns in the Mist by Mairi Norris

  1. RoseMarie says:

    I like the premise of this book. Good luck with it. It really should do great for you if it is well written.


  2. Kim Magennis says:

    This sounds like a cracker of a story. Thanks for sharing, good luck with your release.


  3. Liza OConner has won the free ecopy of Lanterns In The Mist! I will contact you Liza via FB PM.
    Thanks again, Jenna Jaxon for having me on your Passion Is Timeless blog.


  4. Melissa Keir says:

    Sounds exciting! I hadn’t heard of bride ships! All the best!


    • Bride ships make such a romantic storyline, Melissa, I couldn’t resist when I learned of them. Between the beginning of the Colonial period in America and the Revolution, there were about half a dozen bride ships sent to America from England. However, the last bride ship I could discover coming to this country arrived from Vietnam shortly after that war.


  5. lizaoconnor says:

    This sounds intriguing!


  6. Sounds like a compelling read!


  7. Oh, it’s so lovely to be here on Jenna Jaxon Romance today. Thanks so much, Jenna!


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