A Cabin in the Woods

My guest cabin with new porch

My guest cabin

I’ve been MIA for the past week other than my Medieval Monday posts because I  was on my yearly pilgrimage to my friends’ cabin in the Adirondacks. Completely off grid–no running water, no electricity–absolutely peaceful. A writer’s paradise.

I’ve been going to this paradise for almost 20 years (neither me nor my friends realized it had been that long) and since I’ve been writing, it has been one of  the best places to get work done.  Last year I worked on my Regency novel To Woo A Wicked Widow, that got me my agent and a 3 book print contract with Kensington.

This year I completed edits on my Georgian novel, Only A Mistress Will Do, which is slated to release in April 2017 and finished the 12 page outline for the second book of The Widow’s Club series, tentatively titled To Take A Widow to Wife, and completed three chapters of its first draft. All in less than 10 days. If only I could stretch it to  two weeks. 🙂

And I did more than simply sit and write.

Beginning of one of the walks we took

Beginning of one of the walks we took

Days started out with walking the dog for about a 1/2 mile. Then breakfast and a leisurely 3 cups  of coffee. Then we’d sit and talk, go out to the huge garden and pick vegetables

Part of the garden

Part of the garden

for lunch and dinner, trips into town (about an hour away) for groceries, an excursion to the Old Forge Hardware store, and berry picking around the pond.

After lunch I’m shooed off to my guest cabin (this year with the addition of a screened porch!) to work until either I go on the afternoon walk of the dog, or I’m called for wine sipped leisurely while dinner is prepared .My friends are vegetarian, but they have

Red raspberries I helped pick

Red raspberries I helped pick

so many great recipes I don’t miss meat at all. In fact, I always bring new recipes home with me. After dinner we play a game of Bananagrams, then off  to bed. I usually work for another couple of hours and read via electric lantern for a couple of hours.

The pond where I picked blueberries

The pond where I picked blueberries




The only drawback to no electricity is powering  my phone, computer, and CPAP machine. I bought a power station that I recharged for 6-8 hours off my car battery each day, and charged the phone and computer inside the car afterwards. A bit of a bother, but a small price to pay.



Lovely Reading Spot

Lovely Reading Spot

I sit here with lights on, television going, an iced drink on my

New Screen Porch

New Screen Porch

computer-table, in air-conditioned splendor, and sigh for my cabin in the woods.





Can’t wait for Summer 2017!

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3 Responses to A Cabin in the Woods

  1. Daryl Devore says:

    Looks fantastic. Kinda of jealous 😉


  2. Melissa Keir says:

    Sounds like heaven… I’m sure the great company helps!


  3. Mary Morgan says:

    Sounds absolutely perfect, Jenna! Big sigh here just reading and looking at your lovely pictures.


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