Cover Spot: The Duke’s Bride by Lindsay Downs

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This week’s  featured cover is from my great friend Lindsay Downs, who has just released his first full-length Regency romance, The Duke’s Bride. It’s the first book in The Radcliffe Family series.


Blurb- The Duke’s Bride (Book 1 in The Radcliffe Family series)
Who murdered his father and why does someone want him dead?

These questions torment Simon, The Duke of Kettering.

Even his mother has no idea.

Add to this problem, Simon’s desire for Lady Emma Carringham, the duchess’ companion, is growing daily.

Over time he knows she will make the perfect duchess for him.

That is, if he can keep her alive, himself also, for that matter.

Even letters saved by the late duke are of little help.

It’s not until Emma’s mother, Lady Sarah, arrives do all the pieces slowly come together.

They learn the late duke had gotten a young lady with child, a son. Later, the young man returned to France and fought with Bonaparte in Spain

Simon’s next question- Why now?

To that, no one had an answer.

At least now, thanks to Lady Sarah, they had a name-Justin Beaumont- to go along with a partial description of the man.

When Simon learns the man has left the district he relaxes the need for guards as his extended family descends upon the ducal estate for the impending wedding.

This decision proved unfortunate for his betrothed who, with her maid, footman and groom, visits the dress shop for a fitting of a specially made gown.

When Simon receives a note he knows to save Emma from the madman he will have to risk his life.

Safely returned to the ducal palace Simon can’t wait another second longer to marry Emma and does so with a newly acquired special license.

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1 Response to Cover Spot: The Duke’s Bride by Lindsay Downs

  1. Thank you my dear friend for featuring my cover. Writing this book allowed me the freedom to develop my characters over the pages as I haven’t ever done before.
    Yes, it is a romance as you can see by the cover but there is mystery and suspense behind the couple which could hinder their finally getting together.


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