Medieval Monday: Betrayal ~ Fiona is Abandoned in Dragon Knight’s Axe by Mary Morgan



 is our theme for this round of Medieval Monday!

Please welcome this week’s guest Mary Morgan with her romance

Dragon Knight’s Axe





Panic gripped Fiona. Something wasn’t right. Why would he leave her? She thought he cared with all the time they’d spent together. “Why in the hell did Alastair leave?” she choked out holding back the scream.

“He didn’t want to watch you die. Each day that passed took you further away. There was nothing he or any of us could do,” replied Brigid.

Her voice quivered. “Got it….umm…he abandoned me.”

Brigid sighed. “I believe he cared for you so much, he could not stand to watch you leave him.”

Fiona’s tone turned bitter as she clutched the furs. “When you care for someone, you stay with them until the very end. No matter what happens. What? Did he say good-bye, kiss me, and then just walk out of here? I hope to God our paths never cross again.”

“Do you really mean that, Fiona?” asked Aileen in a soft voice.

Closing her eyes, she didn’t want to look at either of the women. Her head throbbed, and her heart weighed heavy knowing that the only man she would ever love had walked away from her.

“Please leave,” she murmured.

When the door closed, she finally opened her eyes. She refused to let the tears fall, so she bit her lip and swallowed. Digging her hands into the furs, she kept trying to breathe. Everywhere she looked there was something that reminded her of Alastair. The plaid he had given her to stay warm, a sgian dubh for protection, and glancing around the room slowly, her eyes caught sight of something on the chair by the head of the bed.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she counted to ten. Yet, when she opened them, there was no denying it any longer and sadness engulfed her. As she tried to reach for the object, her vision became clouded, the tears streaming down her face, as she was unable to hold them back.

Grasping the chess piece, she clutched it to her chest. “Why, Alastair?” Sobbing uncontrollably, she realized that he had given her the Dragon King as his parting gift to her.

And Fiona’s heart shattered completely.


Alastair MacKay, a battled-scarred Dragon Knight flees to the sea to separate himself from his fae-given power connecting him to the land. But it is on land that he rescues a woman from a slave trader in Ireland. It is through Fiona he steps back inadvertently into a world filled with magic—taking on the role of protector and at the same time leading him on a journey to confront his greatest regret and fears.  Research assistant, Fiona O’Quinlan loves translating ancient artifacts at Trinity College. When she falls asleep on an archeological dig, she awakens in another time. She soon discovers a Dragon Knight’s relic has been entrusted into her care. Determined to return the artifact to the Great Glen, Fiona is unprepared for the danger ahead—losing her heart and soul to Alastair “Beast” MacKay.  Will their love be strong enough to soothe the beast and heal the man? Or will Death swing its axe, leaving them lost for all eternity?

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4 Responses to Medieval Monday: Betrayal ~ Fiona is Abandoned in Dragon Knight’s Axe by Mary Morgan

  1. Melissa Keir says:

    Ohh… love it!


  2. Daryl Devore says:

    Story sounds great. Tweeted.


  3. Mary Morgan says:

    Thanks for hosting me and Dragon Knight’s Axe, Jenna! 🙂


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