The Devil’s in the Details by Jenna Jaxon

I did a fun little post on Nights of Passion this past Sunday that I decided to share with you. How my adventures in shopping influence my writing. 🙂

Nights of Passion

shopping 1

I find myself at the grocery checkout quite often these days. Lines are long and I have time to idly “check out” the groceries of the person in front of me. I’m not sure if this is my own strange idiosyncrasy or if many people do this, but I do look at what people are buying and sort of ponder it.

I look first at what they’re buying. What’s in your cart is quite often a reflection of the purchaser.list 2 Diapers, baby food, baby wipes, of course, denote a new parent. Large purchases of beer or wine, chips and dip, and chicken wings says “Super Bowl Party!” in January (although you have to buy the wings ahead of time—I guarantee there will be no wings available come Super Bowl Sunday). Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and organic products say health conscious shopper.

What’s almost as fun to check out…

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One Response to The Devil’s in the Details by Jenna Jaxon

  1. lisakumar says:

    I do look at what other people buy, but I also wonder if they look at my cart or what’s on the belt. Lol, especially when I buy a lot of comfort foods.


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