Close Encounters of a Ghostly Kind


Everyone has a ghost story and I am no different, although mine is probably milder than many. Still, the encounter scared the bejesus out of me and even though it happened decades ago, I still remember the incidents perfectly, including the insane fear I felt.

About the time I got married, my husband changed jobs and had a computer at his new work place. Yes, this was in the Dark Ages when people didn’t have personal computers. 🙂 I was editing a manuscript for someone else, and had gone to my husband’s place of business to do it, because we didn’t have a computer at the time. My husband decided to go home to get some work done at our house and left me there, all alone, after everyone had gone home. This was on a military base, in a building that had been in existence way before World War II.

800px-Woman_in_a_dark_room_looking_to_a_mac_computerHe’d told me people had told him the building (a converted two-story house) was haunted by an elderly man, but I really didn’t pay it much mind. I was too intent on the job, which was paying me serious money. So I’m in the downstairs lobby, typing away at the receptionist’s desk. It was probably 8:00 at night and in the autumn, so it was pitch dark. I had on the overhead lights, which were old and gave off a dingy glow, and a desk lamp by the computer so I could see my work.

All of a sudden, in the absolute dead silence of the place, I hear a long, loud creeeeek of a door opening upstairs. There was no one in the building. Hadn’t been for hours. No drafts to move a door left ajar.

My head snapped toward the staircase to my right that led to the second floor. I felt the adrenaline hit my blood stream, tasted the bitterness in my mouth, and my heart took off like a 747 jet. There were no cell phones, guys. Shaking like a leaf, I dialed my husband and told him what had Image_of_a_ghost,_produced_by_double_exposure_in_1899happened, all the time my eyes trained on that staircase. All he said was, “Get out of there now!”

I saved my work, shut the computer down, and shot out the door in under five minutes. I didn’t feel safe until I was off the base and headed home.

I can’t recall, but I don’t think I ever went back to that building. Some months later they closed the office down and moved my husband to another location. Not long after, they tore the building down. I’m not sure where the ghost went, but I hope he found peace and stopped scaring the bejesus out of folks.

So that’s my one and only close encounter with a ghost. Have you ever experienced a ghostly visitation?



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3 Responses to Close Encounters of a Ghostly Kind

  1. I am probably jinxing myself by saying so, but I’ve never experienced a ghostly visitation (or any other supernatural event). I may have an anti-ghoul gene.

    Your story was creepy, and well-written as well. Only a few weeks until Halloween!


  2. Melissa Keir says:

    I was at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio and woke up to find a man in the chair watching us sleep. He could only be seen from the right angle and if you looked directly at him, you couldn’t see him. I’ve had another incident at the Menger the following year where someone kept poking and shaking me at night. I finally rolled over and told them to stay on their side of the bed. 🙂


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Lord, remind me never to stay at the Menger! There is a hotel on what used to be Fort Monroe in Hampton, called the Chamberlain Hotel that I wouldn’t sleep in if you paid me good money. Too many stories–and I’ve seen The Shining one too many times. 🙂


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