Jenna’s 411 ~ 9/04/2015


Welcome back to another week’s installment of Jenna’s 411! Life is busier than ever.

Book Chat ~ The Medievals are Back!

Beloveds_2My medieval series, Time Enough to Love, is now back in general distribution. The first three books (Betrothal, Betrayal, and Beleaguered) are now available on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, and All Romance E-Books. And the fourth book, Beloveds, will be available this weekend once I catch my breath and add it to the website. It has only been on Amazon until now, so I’m very happy that everyone can enjoy this erotic novella with the characters from the series.

On the Home Front ~  Little Shop of Horrors

800px-Audrey_III am truly excited to tell you that I am part of the cast of my department’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. I’ve loved this musical ever since I saw the movie with Rick Moranis and Steve Martin. I know all the songs already and a lot of the dialogue. I’m only going to have a cameo role (I really don’t like being on-stage, but this was on my bucket list so I thought I should take my opportunity now) but I will get to sing my favorite song, “Skid Row” so I’m happy. 🙂

Jenna Fun Fact of the Week

800px-Interior_view_of_Roll_High_School_Gymnasium_taken_from_Southeast_entranceMy husband just got invited to his high school reunion, which made me realize I’ve never attended one for my own high school class. I’ve never even been contacted by the committee.  Of course, I could have gotten in touch with them, but I think I’ll just let it go for another year. 🙂



So, how’s your week been?




My New Releases! Click the picture for buy link.

BelovedsMarriage 2CrashingIntoLove3DBoxSet

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4 Responses to Jenna’s 411 ~ 9/04/2015

  1. Daryl Devore says:

    Great book news.
    Break a leg – singing on stage is soooooooo not on my bucket list.

    Canadians don’t do the school reunion thing as much. It has to be a school milestone – like the school turns 100 yrs old – then everybody goes.


  2. Melissa Keir says:

    Congrats on the cameo role. I did one this past year and loved it. Who knows… maybe a new career! All the best on your expanded distribution.


  3. Lots of work to get those books up everywhere, but your reading public will thank you.

    Break a leg in your on-stage performance! If you get any stills of yourself, send me one in email. I’ll be thrilled.

    I went to my ten year high school reuinion. It wasn’t worth the hassle (I lived 400 miles away). In a few years, my 40th will come up. I’ll have to consider going, I suppose, depending on where I’m living.

    This was a stressful week, but today has been a better day, with a little good news to make it sweet. Have a great holiday, Jenna!


  4. lizaoconnor says:

    I wrote a really long message, but it didn’t take because I wasn’t logged in to wordpress. But I wanted to still say: I hope your books sell fabulously on a wider market. The deserve attention.


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