RWA Nationals: Day Three: Meetings


Day three and I’m writing this from the Silver Penny. Ella and I had an early night after another incredibly busy day. (My apologies. For some unknown reason my computer won’t load any of the pictures I took today. If I can up load later in the day, I will.)

The morning did not start well:  the subway train broke down, forcing us to take a different train that put us out too far from the Marriott. Thank God for Uber! We caught a taxi and just made breakfast. Unfortunately, the breakfast room was full, so I didn’t get to hear the key note speaker, Julia Quinn.

Instead I took care of my swag in the goodie room then went on to an excellent workshop on conflict. Afterwards, I checked on my agent and editor appointments and met Ella and another author for lunch.

I used the hour before my first appointment to hone up on my pitch and  it must have worked because I got requests for from both the editor and the agent I pitched to. In fact, the agent wants me to also send her a copy of Only Scandal Will Do! 🙂 Very excited, but not counting chickens, if you know what I mean.

The next meeting was with my Virtual Assistant. A very productive meeting in which we strategized about several things to do to get my indie publications jump-started in the ratings.

Then off to dinner with Ella and other writers at Don Antonio’s where they had the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had. Absolutely to die for!

Now a little writing and off to bed. Tomorrow is a big day–I give my workshop on Swag for the Romance Author! Excited and terrified!

Again, wish me luck!

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  1. Woohoo!!! Congrats, girl!! Sounds like a great success and wonderful time–despite the subway debacle 😉 You gotta let me know what you think about Uber. I’m very interested in that! Wish I could’ve been there!!


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