Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 4/26/15 Beloveds





Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m finally back again with my current WIP, Beloveds. I revealed my cover on Friday and here it is!  Isn’t it sexy? 🙂



I’m starting a little later than my last snippet, but now Thomas and Alyse’s encounter is heating up. And it’s not quite edited, so please keep that in  mind. 🙂

She rubbed her cheek against his warm, silky flesh, wondering at his presence but not daring to question it. She simply reveled in each precious moment together.

“I have sorely missed the feel of you in my arms, my sweet,” he said as he tightened his grip on her. “I will never tire of holding you close.”

She nestled closer to him, resting against him. Like she would a pillar that could shelter her for all her life. Idly, she drew her fingers down his hard abdomen, following the curve of his waist to stroke his sleek back. His skin was delicious to the touch.


Passion never dies.

Lady Alyse Braedon frets over her renewed passion for Sir Geoffrey Longford, her first love. They have pledged their hearts to one another, despite the fact that both are recently widowed. Alyse worries that she has not properly mourned Thomas and cannot think herself as true wife to Geoffrey until she puts her feelings for her first husband to rest.

And then Thomas unaccountably appears in her bedroom. She is stunned and confused. When he begins to make love to her, however, she joyfully surrenders herself to his familiar caresses and expert ministrations…until Geoffrey arrives.

Faced with the dilemma of wanting two lovers, Alyse simply cannot choose–until Thomas suggests she doesn’t have to. Instead he and Geoffrey will share her. The scandalous proposition awakens new hungers within her. Can she allow herself to abandon all she’s been taught a proper woman should resist, and find pleasure with both her beloveds?

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to read my medieval  series, Betrothal, Betrayal, and Beleaguered before Beloveds releases in early May  (if not, Beloveds will have spoilers)  they are all available on AmazonSmashwords, and ARe .

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Warriors here.  There’s some fantastic snippets to be read.



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14 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors ~ 4/26/15 Beloveds

  1. Gem says:

    “His skin was delicious to the touch.” Lovely sensual descriptions in this snippet. 🙂


  2. normandiea says:

    Beautiful and sensual. Love the blurb and cover too!


  3. I love that cover. I have a lot of questions–and can hardly wait to read the novella to have them answered. 🙂 Poor Alyse…those two have tortured her since day one… 🙂


  4. Fabulous cover. Loved the snippet – these 2 are in love.


  5. Both the cover and the snippet are very sexy. You’ve described her sense of touch brilliantly.


  6. Cara Bristol says:

    Sweet and sensual.


  7. Sheltered all her life. How warming to her spirit and protective. Words any woman would want to hear. Beautiful.


  8. Love the cover, loved the excerpt!


  9. Gemma Parkes says:

    Wonderfully sensual! I especially like this line, ‘Like she would a pillar that could shelter her for all her life.’


  10. melissakeir says:

    This shows the depth of their love and commitment. Nothing could separate them!


  11. Daryl Devore says:

    what a fabulous line – Like she would a pillar that could shelter her for all her life


  12. Agreed. Very tender, steamy scene.


  13. Carrie-Anne says:

    I love the line comparing him to a pillar. This is a very tender scene.


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