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Welcome back to Medieval Monday!

Today I’m introducing myself as an author of medieval romance, for all of you who have not read my medieval works before. I have a medieval trilogy, Time Enough to Love (Betrothal, Betrayal, and Beleaguered) and in about two weeks a short story (that occurs chronologically at about the halfway point of Beleaguered) will be released.  It’s called Beloveds. Two things are different: first, it is very definitely erotic romance, not sensual like my others, and second, if you read it before the rest of the series, you will find spoilers. So if you don’t like to have things spoiled, read the first three before number four. 🙂

I do not have the cover for the new book yet. It should be on Ashley York’s blog next week and her work will be featured here on mine. (You’ll get a sneak peek at the cover, which won’t be revealed officially until the next day!’

So, without further ado, here is an excerpt for Beloveds:

7992408_mShe hovered between sleep and wakefulness, squeezing her eyes shut against the horrible pain in her head, the ache all over her body. Sleep. Everything would be all right if she could just rest a while. She pulled the bedclothes closer and willed herself to relax. ‘Twould be all right. Thomas had always said that. They had been his last words to her.


The familiar voice tugged at the edges of consciousness. Had Geoffrey returned so soon? The sound did not have his deep tone. Yet ‘twas a voice she knew well, rich and sensual.

“Do not fret, sweet. ‘Twill be all right.”

Alyse struggled to open her eyes, though the heavy lids fought against her.

The bed dipped as someone sat beside her. Geoffrey had returned then. The illness must have affected her hearing, for she’d swear it had not been he who had spoken.

A soft hand cupped her face and she pressed her cheek against it, luxuriating in its warmth. She smiled and her eyes fluttered open at last.

The man seated on the bed possessed shoulder-length honey-blond hair and warm, seductive brown eyes. He also defied fashion and wore a thin mustache and beard. His eyes lit up when he noticed she was awake and his mouth turned up in the lazy smile she had come to know so very well.

“Thomas.” The name came out a croak. Holy Father, had she conjured him up with her guilt and longing? She shrank back into the pillows.

His smile widened and he caressed her, running one long finger along her jaw. “Aye, sweet Alyse. ‘Tis I. Do you feel better now, my love?”

“Better?” She must be dying to see such an apparition. Mayhap she was already dead and in heaven.

“Aye. You do not shiver as you did a moment ago. I hoped that meant you felt warmer.” He picked up her hand and kissed the knuckles.

Warmth cascaded through her, soothing her, making her body tingle with that single touch of his lips.

“Is it really you?” Strength welled within her and she struggled to sit up.

“As ever I was.” He smiled, his bold gaze sweeping down her body. His eyes darkened with the desire she remembered well.

“Oh, Thomas.” She threw her arms around him, sighing when they embraced the hard-muscled chest she had lain upon so often. “I thought you dead, my love. Did I but dream?”

“Shhh, my sweet. I am here now.” He stroked her head, then pulled it back to peer into her face. “I will always be with you, love.” He sank his mouth onto hers and she melted at  the touch of his insistent lips.

Like coming home.

Beloveds will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble soon.


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6 Responses to Medieval Monday ~ 4/5/15 Jenna Jaxon

  1. Great excerpt! Look forward to reading more!


  2. Barbara Bettis says:

    Jenna, congratulations on getting another title ready. Nice cover, tool Best of luck.


  3. I can hardly wait to read this! It looks wonderful, and you’ve certainly got me playing a guessing game here with what’s going on. Is Thomas back from the dead??? 🙂


  4. melissakeir says:

    Can’t wait to read it! 🙂


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