K is for Kiss


Come on, admit it. Kissing is one of your favorite things. And if you can’t do it, the next best thing might be reading about it in a spicy romance novel. Kissing certainly ramps up the steam both in real life and on the page. But why does that scorching kiss get you all hot and bothered and ready to turn that next page?

There are a host of reasons why kissing is the precursor to sex. First and foremost, the human lips have more touch receptors in them than almost any other part of the body except the fingertips. Lips have the most sensitivity and your brain has the speed to transmit what’s happening to the lips at the greatest speed, therefore our lips are more sensitive to any stimuli they come into contact with.

One of the best ways to arouse a man or woman in a kiss is to nibble on their ear. This can be downright erotic if you take your partner’s earlobe in your mouth and suck on it, then slowly trace the rim of their ear with your tongue. For an added bonus, whisper something naughty as you’re doing this. I’ve written kisses like this in several of my books, and I’ll tell you, it works every time to put your partner in the mood. LOL

“French” kissing, or in romance novels, “deepening the kiss,” is the best way to ensure a pleasurable time for both partners. Passionate kisses—mouths open, tongues intertwined—raises the blood pressure, makes your heart beat faster, and generally excites you more than closed-mouth kisses. When the body is excited, it is much easier for both men and women to achieve orgasm. Perhaps that is why over 50% more men said they would have sex with a bad kisser than women would.

And finally one little piece of historic trivia about kisses. The letter “X” has long stood for a kiss when writing letters. The “X” stood for a kiss. But did you know it came from the Middle Ages? The custom of signing your name with an “X” arose because most people then couldn’t write their name. At the time letters, oaths, and anything legal was signed with an “X” then the person kissed the “signature,” in effect swearing to its veracity and sealing it with a kiss.

Thus endeth your “kissing” lesson. 🙂

Originally posted as my column for Nights of Passion.


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7 Responses to K is for Kiss

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    My ex-“fiancé” hated kissing, and didn’t kiss me until two years and seven months into our relationship, after we’d already done everything else. Even after he finally cracked, it was like pulling hen’s teeth to get him to do it, and he wasn’t that good either. He reacted with shock and horror the few times I tried to put my tongue in his mouth. Hopefully I’ll have another relationship sometime in this lifetime, with a man who not only knows how to kiss, but who does it properly as well!


  2. We learn to kiss (chastely) when we’re very small. It’s a signal of affection and approval from our earliest memories. It’s no wonder that kissing plays such an important role in adult intimacy.

    Great article, Jenna.


  3. melissakeir says:

    Kissing is vital but why do you think that many married couples turn toward more chaste kisses rather than the deep ones??


  4. lizaoconnor says:

    I, of course, fixated on the point that men don’t value kissing as much as women, which explains a great deal in the trials and tribulations of Liza’s love life.


  5. Interesting stuff. I do love kissing, but most of what is considered something naughty these days turns me right off. Shared.


  6. What a great post! Who knew kissing was so important to sex? But, you are right – it makes or breaks the romance!


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