Jenna’s 411 ~ 3/25/2015


Welcome back to another week’s installment of Jenna’s 411! 

Book Chat ~ Cover Reveal!

17541736_mI’ve been in touch with my fabulous cover designer, Danielle Fine, and she’s assured me that I can have my cover reveal for Beloveds on April 6th! Yippee! That’s the day a new round of Medieval Monday starts, and my promo this round will, of course, be Beloveds, which I’m hoping will release in late April. 🙂 I’m so excited by the response of my beta readers I can’t wait to get this book out to all my medieval fans. Erotic fans will probably like this one too. LOL But if you don’t want spoilers, you should read my medieval trilogy first. This picture is just a pic I’ve used before to illustrate the trilogy, but I though the steamy nature of Beloveds warranted bringing it back. 🙂


On the Home Front ~  Reader’s Theatre

800px-Charles_Canada_&_Eva_Abrams_01AThis is production week for me at work. We are doing a Reader’s Theatre piece, which is much less work than a full blown production, yet it still taxes the time and the creativity to make an audience believe a story is being enacted before them with no set, no props, and minimal costumes. And yet Reader’s Theatre is a wonderful way for actors to delve deeply to explore the interpretation of their characters, confined to the chair they sit in. If you ever get to experience Reader’s Theatre–do it!  You won’t be sorry you did!


Jenna Fun Fact of the Week

House Mouse

House Mouse

I hate mice. Well, not the little fuzzy ones that look so cute behind a glass pane in a pet store, or the funny ones on the cartoons (loved Tom and Jerry!), and of course I love Mickey Mouse. But I don’t like the little gray furry ones that my cats continue to insist on bringing home  and depositing on my BED!  Although I’m grateful they are such marvelous hunters, I wish they would keep the spoils of war to themselves! They leave bits of mouse parts everywhere and I simply can’t boil sheets four times a day! 🙂

So, how’s your week been?

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6 Responses to Jenna’s 411 ~ 3/25/2015

  1. melissakeir says:

    Mice are wonderful gifts… dead snakes and dead birds…I had a cat that liked to bring me all sorts of fun things.

    I can’t wait to see the cover!


  2. I’ve done a couple of Readers’ Theater productions (way back when). Another good exercise is radio drama, which has a lot in common with the exercise of emoting without action. I wish you well with your production.

    Sounds like your Jerrys aren’t fast enough to escape your Toms. But it must save you a bit on cat food. 🙂


  3. Daryl Devore says:

    lol – I had a hunter cat – named Kitty – brought 24 mice home – dead – in one afternoon. Luckily the door was shut so she couldn’t bring them inside, but our backporch looked like a horror story for mice.
    The theater piece sounds fascinating.

    And waiting for the new cover!!!!!


  4. D'Ann says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!


  5. lizaoconnor says:

    When I had a cat, he’d leave them in my shoes. I was still working at the time, so it was often dark when I headed off to battle with NJ drivers. (Ranks only below Chicago drivers).
    Worse yet, most of the mice caught and killed were just babies. To this day, I check my shoes before putting them on.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      I actually did that this morning, Liza. ‘Cause you never know. The latest one they caught seemed like it might be a baby (from what was left of it), so there could have been more. *shivers*


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