Free Read Friday ~ Hog Wild

Free Read Friday is back!


Happy New Year!  This is the first day of the new year  to give my fans a little treat  with a free read from either a current WIP or one of my published novels or novellas.  And sometimes the free read will be a completely new piece written just for this post, or perhaps a scene taken out of a novel in editing–something that no one but me and my editor has seen. 🙂

If you like this new feature (leave me a comment and tell me if you do), I’ll make it a Friday fixture. 🙂

For this installment of Free Read Friday, I’m posting one of my erotic contemporaries that is actually FREE right now, so if  you like the taste below, please click on Amazon to down load your free copy!

Click the title below to take you to Free Read Friday.  This Free Read is rated R-18 and older.




When Lula Wolfendale’s motorcycle breaks down on her way to a Harley rally, she makes a detour into tiny Shoshone, CA to find a replacement. Seducing biker Beau Hogue and commandeering his Harley is easy; finding sexual satisfaction is a “hog” of a different color. A Blue Phantom, to be exact, owned by Beau’s older brother Jesse. After brief, unsatisfying encounters with his younger brothers, Lula approaches Jesse with a proposition: a sexual battle for his Phantom, where Lula will emerge with either a bike to die for or the climax of her dreams. Or is there a way for her to obtain both?

Enjoy!  Come back next week for another free read.

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8 Responses to Free Read Friday ~ Hog Wild

  1. treknray says:

    I need to read this again. I absolutely loved it when it first came on Amazon Kindle. I don’t often read books more than once. Enough time has passed to try again. It was such a fun sexy read.


  2. Thank you for reminding me about this book. Your Free Read Fridays are wonderful. Of course, now I’m compelled to read Hog Wild again!


  3. Definitely keep doing this! Love this book!


  4. lois losh says:

    Love Freebie Friday!


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