Free Read Friday ~ 12/12/14



If not, then welcome back to Free Read Friday. This is my day to give my fans a little treat on with a free read from either a current WIP or one of my published novels or novellas.  And sometimes the free read will be a completely new piece written just for this post, or perhaps a scene taken out of a novel in editing–something that no one but me and my editor has seen. 🙂

If you seem to like this new feature (leave me a comment and tell me if you do), I’ll make it a Friday fixture. 🙂

For this installment of Free Read Friday, I’m posting another one of the Christmas stories from my Christmas collection, All Wrapped Up.  It’s called “The Kissing Tree,” a sweet story about two kids who find a very secret spot out in the woods on Christmas Day.

If you like this short story you might also like the other three in the anthology, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Click the title below to take you to Free Read Friday.  This Free Read is rated PG. Like I said, it’s sweet. 🙂

The Kissing Tree

all wrapped up


Enjoy!  Come back next week for another Christmas tale, my new Free Read, An Almost Perfect Christmas.

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4 Responses to Free Read Friday ~ 12/12/14

  1. Sweet stories are lovely for Christmas. You’ve reminded me that I have one. Durh. The Kissing Tree is lovely, full of warmth and romance. Nicely done, but then all the stories in All Wrapped Up are terrific.


  2. angieia says:

    This was a cute story. I have enjoyed all of the stories in All Wrapped Up.


  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Thanks, Daryl! I don’t write sweet often, but it seems to often occur during Christmas. Of course my next Christmas story is going to be for mature audiences only. An Almost Perfect Christmas releases next week! 🙂


  4. Daryl Devore says:

    Great story. Love the dialogue.


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