Passionate Kisses

Check out my post on Nights of Passion–Passionate Kisses–with tips for writing a kiss scene.

Nights of Passion


Most romance readers love to read the scenes in which the characters they’ve become invested in finally share a passionate kiss. If the author has done her job, the reader is as ready as they are for this first intimate step. I’ve done some research and found some very sound advice about how to construct a kissing scene.

96px-Francesco_Hayez_008Blogger Miss Literati breaks the process down into five steps for creating the perfect kissing scene: find the perfect moment, create the build-up, have the characters “notice” something about one another, the kiss itself, and the pull away. This may make the kiss sound too technical, but if you think back on some of the best kisses you’ve read, you’ll find all of these steps in place.

Three pieces of advice from the writers at WriteWorld add to the process. “Don’t write kiss, write everything else.” Which means you need to get…

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