Romance Adventures Blog Hop! Dec. 4-7


Romance AdventuresSince we’re supposed to be on a Romance Adventure, I’m going to share my upcoming historical romance, Only Marriage Will Do, Book 2 of my House of Pleasure series with you.

Below you will find my PRIZE LIST and the Blog Hop List of other authors you’ll want to check out (they may have prizes too!) because they write awesome romantic adventures. Now for a peek at my latest romantic adventure!

My hero and heroine, Amiable Dawson and Lady Juliet Ferrers embark on a Romance Adventure, fleeing a man who claims to be Lady Juliet’s husband, and ending up in the wilds of northern England.  Will they find romance and love or merely danger along the way?


Not every happy-ever-after begins at “I do.”

When the hero of her dreams rescues Lady Juliet Ferrers from the man claiming to be her husband, she is sure she has found her one true love. But is she free to marry him? Not to be deterred, Juliet arranges for her hero, Captain Amiable Dawson, to escort her to her family estate, hoping that along the way she can win his love.

Amiable is charmed by the sweet, beautiful woman he rescued, and although he has grave reservations about her marital status, he allows himself to be swept up into Juliet’s romantic spell and the promise of a happy-ever-after.

The spell breaks when legal questions arise and Juliet faces the horror of not knowing if she is married to her knight in shining armor or the cruel viscount who is determined to have her at any price.

NOT the cover, but they could be Amiable and Juliet

NOT the cover, but they could be Amiable and Juliet



July 2, 1761

The brass lion-head knocker under Amiable Dawson’s hand sent a sharp rap through the dark walnut door of Dunham House for the second time. The hot July sun hadn’t done his temper any good as he waited on the marble stoop for entrance to the Marquess of Dalbury’s townhouse. He’d been in a foul mood ever since the news of his beloved Katarina’s marriage to the marquess had reached him. Blast it to hell, he was supposed to have married the girl. At least he could make sure she was well and well taken care of by this man she had married.

At last a short, dark-haired maid opened the door. She took one look at him, gasped, and stepped back into the house. Her eyes widened and she glanced to her right, wringing her hands. “Who may I say—”

A man shouted from within. “No, I do not believe you.”

“It is true, I tell you!” A woman’s voice, raised and sharp with terror, sent a chill through Amiable.

Katarina. What in God’s name?

He barged past the stunned girl and strode down the hall toward the commotion. He burst through the doorway, expecting to defend the woman he loved, only to stop dead at the sight of a man lunging across a sofa and grasping a woman by the wrist. Amiable had half drawn his sword before he realized the woman was not Katarina, but a complete stranger. He dropped it back into its scabbard. This was none of his affair.

The young man, foppishly dressed in a robin’s egg blue satin coat dripping too many layers of frothy lace at throat and wrists looked at Amiable, a snarl on his lips.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the woman wrenched her arm from the man’s grip. “Praise God. Here he is.” She staggered as she righted herself. “Now you will have to believe me, Philippe.”

The fop scrambled back off the sofa and groped for a black lacquer walking stick that lay on the floor. Lips pressed together, he glowered at the woman. “That remains to be seen, ma chere. In any case, I have shown you the papers. They speak for themselves.”

The woman ran from behind the sofa to Amiable’s side, grazed a kiss over his cheek and whispered, “For God’s sake, help me. I am alone here and he is trying to take me away. Please, agree with whatever I say.”

Smiling into her pleading face, he grasped her hands and gave them a gentle squeeze to signal his acquiescence. “Whatever is the matter, my dear?” Hell if he knew. But he could play his part, even with little information. Let the lady lead and he’d follow as well as he could.

The woman smiled then took a deep breath. “My dear, may I present Viscount St. Cyr?” She nodded toward the fop. “Philippe, this is my husband, the Earl of Manning.”

Only Marriage Will Do is set to release in SPRING 2015.

In the meantime, if you’d like a further taste of my Georgian world, why not start with Book 1 of the House of Pleasure series, Only Scandal Will Do, available from Kensington at Amazon and B & N.


He has the woman of his dreams, but what price will he have to pay to win her heart?

Kidnapped and sold at auction in a London brothel, Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam squelches an undeniable attraction to the masked stranger who purchased her, pits her wits against him, and escapes him and the scandal that would ruin her life.

Unable to resist temptation in a London brothel, Duncan Ferrers, Marquess of Dalbury, purchases a fiery beauty. She claims she’s a lady, but how can she be? No lady of his acquaintance in polite society is anything like her. Then he discovers she is who she says, and that this latest romp has compromised her reputation. He knows how that is. One more scandal and he’ll be cast out of London society, but he needs a wife who’ll provide an heir to carry on his illustrious family’s name. He seeks out Katarina, intending only to scotch the scandal, but instead finds his heart ensnared. He’s betting their future he’ll capture her heart, but does he have what it takes to win the wager?

WARNING: A blade-wielding heroine who crosses swords with a master of sensuality.

For our Romance Adventure, I am giving away, as a


a $20 Amazon gift card

First Prize

 a signed print copy of Only Scandal Will Do

Second Prize

 an e-copy of the first of my medieval novellas, Betrothal

All you need to do is LEAVE ME A COMMENT telling me  who your favorite romance author is and your favorite book of theirs .

And now for the list of other participating authors: (Please hop around !)

  1. Liza O’Connor
  2. Daryl Devore
  3. Jennifer Lowery
  4. Andrea R Cooper
  5.  Melissa Keir
  1. Karen Lopp
  2. Aine P Massie
  3. Gaeille Vanderspek
  4. Joceline Farrah
  5. Jenna Jaxon
  1. Gina Danna

12. Melissa Kendall

  1. Sharon Cullen
  2. D’Ann Lindun
  3. Nikki Lynn Barrett
  4. Tricia L. Quinnies
  5. Lisa Kumar
  6. Georgia Lyn Hunter
  7. Sheri Fredricks
  8. Susan Sheehey
  9. Aleah Barley
  10. Stacey Brutger
  11. Bobbi Romans


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19 Responses to Romance Adventures Blog Hop! Dec. 4-7

  1. Fabulous excerpt! Enjoyed the sneak peek, and I already love Amiable’s character.
    And is it just me or does the heroine on the ‘Only scandal will do’ cover look like Kristen Stewart? Nice! My favorite author has to be Nalini Singh. I adore the worlds she creates. I have three favorite books, but I’ll settle for one… Heart of Obsidian. Kaleb Krychek is my book boyfriend. 😀


  2. My fave author is most definitely Laura Kaye my fave book is a bit harder pick because i love every single thing she writes. but maybe the very first book of hers i read Hearts in Darkness.


  3. JeanMP says:

    Hard to pick just one. One of my favorite books is Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean. Enjoyed the excerpt, book sounds really good.


  4. Pingback: Free Read Friday | Jenna Jaxon Romance–because passion is timeless.

  5. Courtney P says:

    Pick just one? Thats impossible! But if I had to choose, I would say Jude Deveraux and her Velvet series. That’s the series that got me hooked. Eeek or maybe Winter Fire from Elizabeth Lowell.


  6. Julie Garwood was the first adult romance author that I read and went back for more books.
    Great excerpt.


  7. Joye says:

    One of my favorite authors is LaVeryl Spencer. I loved her book Twice Loved


  8. D'Ann says:

    Love that zerpt!


    • D'Ann says:

      Roops! Missed part of it! Jennifer Lowery and the Maze. Sara Walter Ellwood and Gambling on a Secret. Nikki Lynn Barrett and Secret Santa Wish!


  9. Oh, wow! Pick just one? Impossible! So I’m going to pick my favorite genre… (Is that cheating? lol)
    I love urban fantasy and paranormal romances. 🙂


  10. melissakeir says:

    Sounds like another winner! Wow… how to choose just one romance author or book? There’s so many. I read JD Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, D’Ann Lindun, Sherrilyn Kenyon… I could go on and on..


  11. How do I pick just one, lol. D’Ann Lindun and Daryl Devore are my fav’s 🙂 Can’t wait to read this one, Jenna!!


  12. Sounds like fun!! I shared.


  13. ginadanna says:

    Great excerpt! I’m looking forward to this book!!


  14. angieia says:

    Rachel Gibson is probably my favorite since she is the first author I read when I started reading e-books. I like all of her books, it is hard to pick a favorite.


  15. This sounds so good! What a great concept.


  16. lizaoconnor says:

    Fav romance author is Jane Austen and book is Pride & Prejudice. The new book sounds great. Cannot wait to read it.


  17. DebraG says:

    I love the way the book starts. My favorite book is Ransom by Julie Garwood.


  18. Daryl Devore says:

    What a fabulous opening line for the excerpt – The brass lion-head knocker under Amiable Dawson’s hand sent a sharp rap through the dark walnut door of Dunham House for the second time. It so sets the image and prepares the reader to settle in.
    Thanks for joining us on the hop.


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