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Welcome to this week’s installment of Jenna’s 411.


120px-Paperback-stackBook Chat

This week, rather than my own books,  I’m talking about the book I just finished reading:  The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, Book 5 in the Outlander series.  The further exploits of Jamie and Claire in the New World. I’m very invested in this story by now, so I’ll  continue reading (they really are page turners–I’ve been up until 3am some mornings because I just can’t put my Kindle down). But the books have turned into more of a family saga than the straight romance of Outlander. A Warning:  Ms. Gabaldon pulls no punches (much like her quintessential villain Jack Randall). She believes her heroes and heroines should suffer, and suffer they do. And so does the reader on their behalf.   But that maybe part of the allure of this series because you  come to care so much for the main characters.  I can’t wait to start the next book in the series!


Laura_U_Interior_Design_5_2007-Residential-NYC_(10)On the Home Front:  My Day Off

My production ended Saturday night, so I got to take all of Sunday off.


I did something I’ve not been able to do for quite a while:  spend the whole day in bed. My daughters brought me breakfast in bed, and lunch. Delicious! Especially since I didn’t have to cook.  I read (this was when I finished The Fiery Cross), slept, and watched a  marathon of the 70s  sitcom Soap,  still funny after all these years. I highly recommend it. 🙂    Then my family took me to my favorite Indian Restaurant to celebrate.  More delicious food I didn’t have to cook. And then back home  and back to bed. It was truly a perfect day!

images0WVABJ0YJenna Fun Fact of the Week

I was a candidate for Homecoming Queen my Senior Year in High School.  Yep, surprised the hell out of me too. LOL  I belonged to the newly formed Fencing Club my senior year and I was the only female in the club. So the guys nominated me as a lark, but I ended up with my picture all over the yearbook section on Homecoming because I ended up standing next to the girl who won.  A fun if unexpected experience.


That’s it for this week!  See you for the 411 next time!




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8 Responses to Jenna’s 411

  1. melissakeir says:

    You deserved the time off! Glad you had a good time! I gave up on the Outlander books when the suffering became too much. I do love my happily ever afters!

    I graduated high school at 16, was bored with school and so I was able to graduate a year early. Started nursing school and decided that wasn’t for me… Now I miss those years! Never was the Homecoming queen or popular crowd… just ran under the radar!


  2. lizaoconnor says:

    Is that really your bed? Or just your dream bed? You were worthy of homecoming queen.

    I was all over my Senior annual because I was in five choirs, the concert band, the marching band as drum major, and played lead or major roles in four plays that year, I was also Salutatorian but I don’t remember if that got me picture or not.

    However, I was NOT nominated for homecoming queen nor band queen, which was good, because I lacked the funds to buy a gown. Nor was I in fencing because our only sport was football and it reigned supreme over all. We even had 20+ year old men on our team who were recruited to our school from poor areas where they had no record of births other than their bible. Thus, all it took to make them 17 was a new ‘old bible’ with a later birth recorded. We also had a pedophile teacher/football coach, who I helped get fired. Sadly, when he lost his job (age of consent was 12 back then in my backwards state, so no jail time) Texas hired him as a principal.

    Perhaps it’s not good to discuss high school pictures with me. I’ve yet to forget that era.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      You have lead the most colorful life, Liza! Feral cats would be tame next to the truth. LOL I was in the French Club, the Drama Club, and maybe the Latin Club in addition to the Fencing Club. I never got my picture taken during drama productions because I worked the lights back stage, although I did go on stage once in the last production before I graduated. I was Juror #5 in our version of 12 Angry Men, the Jack Klugman role in the movie.


      • lizaoconnor says:

        My life was strange, but not much more than my friends. The southern Midwestern states are just crammed full of strangeness. It’s call ‘normal life’ there.


  3. I’m so glad you got a day off, Jenna. Life is better when you’re not run ragged. But shame on you for squandering your precious sleeping time on a book. Best compliment ever to a writer, though. I read the first two Outlander books…that was a long time ago. There might have only been two.


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      The problem is those books are so long! 900+ pages, so they take a long time to read, especially as I’m not the speediest reader. But they do hold the interest. I’m thinking that over either Christmas vacation or Spring Break I’m going to re-read Outlander to get ready for the second part of the Starz series that begins on April 4th. I read Outlander originally several years ago, so I don’t remember all of what’s been going on in the series. Although i remembered vividly the scene they left us hanging with. 🙂

      And I did take a long nap during the afternoon on Sunday. I really need one of those days every month. I think I’d have more energy. I plan for another one after my current production, so maybe around November 16. 🙂


  4. How cool that you were in a fencing club! I took a semester of fencing in college and loved it. My thighs were AWESOME by the end of the course. lolol


    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      I managed to stay 120lbs the whole year, could each anything I wanted to, and didn’t have cramps at all! Miracle! Of course, I was working out three times a week with weights and running a mile each practice. LOL Oh for those days! But I loved fencing. Glad to meet another afficianado, Kristina!


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