Medieval Monday: Spotlight on Vijaya Schartz



I’m back with Medieval Monday and fellow medieval romance author, Vijaya Schartz!

Next week, October 6, I’m spotlighting Mary Morgan’s wonderful works.

Now, please welcome Vijaya Schartz!!

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PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Curse of the Lost Isle Book 1

If you haven’t tried The Curse of the Lost Isle medieval fantasy series yet, hurry. PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Book One, is only 99cts this month, in kindle. (now also in paperback)

THE CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE: From history shrouded in myths, emerges a family of immortal Celtic Ladies, who roam the medieval world in search of salvation from a curse… but if the Church ever suspects what they really are, they will be hunted, tortured, and burned at the stake.

PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE Curse of the Lost Isle – Book One

806 AD – Alba (Ancient Scotland) As the Vikings raid the coast of Alba, Pressine of Bretagne sets out to seduce King Elinas of Dumfries, chosen by the Goddess to unite the tribes against the foreign invader. Elinas, still mourning his departed queen, has no intention to remarry. Head strong and independent, Pressine does not expect to fall for the very attractive, wise and noble ruler… Furthermore, her Pagan nature clashes with the religious fanaticism of the king’s Christian heir, who suspects her unholy ancestry and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Review: The Hope Chest Reviews – 5 stars “Princess of Bretagne is the first book in Vijaya Schartz’s new medieval fantasy series, The Curse of the Lost Isle. This book and the series in general is steeped in Celtic history and lore, and also has a basis in Arthurian legends too. Ms. Schartz brings the setting to life with the use of authentic period details regarding warfare and day to day life in a medieval fortress and a Viking camp, some of which can be rather dark and gritty. She also draws on the mythology of the era as the people’s beliefs in the gods of old are challenged by the growth and proselytizing of the Christian church. The clashing of these religions poses a dangerous threat to the heroine of the story who is pagan. There is also a political dimension to the story, not only in regards to religion, but also as the tribes of Briton find themselves invaded by Vikings and in growing need of a high king to unite them. . . . Overall, Princess of Bretagne was a solid story that I enjoyed reading. I’m very much looking forward to finding out what’s next for Elinas and Pressine when the series continues with the release of Pagan Queen.”


Vijaya Schartz Romance with a Kick


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I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Vijaya and taking a look at her works. 🙂

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4 Responses to Medieval Monday: Spotlight on Vijaya Schartz

  1. melissakeir says:

    Sounds like a wonderful story! All the best!


  2. lizaoconnor says:

    Sounds most interesting.


  3. Daisy Banks says:

    Love the cover. I think this would be a great read.. This era always fascinates me.


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